Global Esports Summit
Global Esports Summit

Global Esports Summit

Global Esports Summit: A comprehensive ticketing and access system for Europe’s largest esports congress.

Global Esports Summit used Weezevent for an online registration, accreditation and access solution that was agile and integrated into the event app.

In action:
  • 832 attendees
  • 2 days
  • 16 countrys
  • 55 speakers

Global Esports Summit (GES), the largest professional esports congress in Europe, was held from 27-28 October 2021 at Kinépolis, Ciudad de la Imagen in Madrid, Spain. The first edition was in 2019 however the 2020 event was cancelled due to Covid-19. GES was able to gather 832 of the ecosystem’s professionals in 2021, making it the largest professional congress in the international esports sector.

As the event’s Ticketing and Access partner, Weezevent provided the necessary technology for the management of online registrations, the accreditation process and access control, adapting to the organisation’s specific needs and accompanying it throughout all phases of the project.

Simple online management of all attendee types

The registration widget was integrated directly into the event’s website, making it possible to manage registrations and payment without attendees having to leave the GES page at any time.

After selecting their desired tickets during the registration process, each attendee then entered the data that the organisation requested, depending on the type of ticket (e.g. general, students, etc.). This valuable data added to the set of statistics that GES has been able to obtain by managing attendees through the platform WeezTicket.

The Weezevent platform enabled our team to monitor every booking, purchase and sale from minute one. The different classifications offered by the Weezevent website provide clear statistics on the population segments and their nationalities, as well as other key factors such as revenue figures, the evolution of sales, and the number of attendees per channel and price. –  GES Team –

In addition to attendees who paid for tickets, either at full price or with a discount applied through a promotional code, the management of guests, press, speakers and staff was also carried out through the platform. All those present at the event were registered in the system allowing the correct accreditation to be generated.

During the event online registrations remained open. This meant that any last-minute attendees could buy their tickets directly online, avoiding the need for cash handling at the on-site registration point.

Integrating tickets into the event app.

An API connection enabled the GES app to collect information on each ticket, giving attendees the option to access their ticket within the app and offering a more convenient and centralised system.

At the end of the registration process each attendee received a confirmation email with their ticket attached with a code. This attendee identification code could then be used to access the GES app. This allowed attendees to access the event by showing their ticket either within the app or as a PDF.

Generating personalised accreditation on the spot

At the registration point a process was implemented that enabled the validation of tickets and the generation of personalised accreditation on the spot. This professional and efficient system avoided the need to print all accreditation in advance and waste time looking for each attendee’s details upon arrival.

The attendee presented their ticket at the registration point where accreditation staff scanned the QR code with our WeezAccess Pro access control scanners. This action sent a signal to a thermal printer to launch the printing of a personalised label with the attendee’s details, including their name, company or educational institution and a QR code. Finally, the label was attached to a lanyard and handed to the attendee. All this took less than 30 seconds per attendee!

Convenient management of check-ins and pass-outs

Each attendee, equipped with their personalised badge, could use this to enter and exit the event. The QR code on the badge was scanned at each entrance and exit to record this activity in the back office. This was convenient for the attendee, fast and useful for the organisation and managed in-and-out access control with ease.

Global Esports Summit

The GES team is lucky to be able to count on Weezevent for the organisation of major events. The personalised attention is essential to the event’s success, foreseeing any possible incidents that could occur at any time. Weezevent has covered our needs in terms of advice, ticketing and access control for the congress, providing us with a comprehensive platform supported by an incredibly professional team that has contributed to the success of GES21.

Global Esports Summit

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