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  • 1.20
  • $1.20
  • CHF 1.40
  • £1.20
per attendee

Multiple features

  • Advanced stats in real time
  • Customized cashless plug-in on your website
  • Customized transaction emails
  • Advanced management of access rights and authorisations
  • Set up of checkout products and keyboards
  • Set up of points of sale and top-up
  • Automatic top-up
  • Online transactions history
  • 3-Step online account creation
  • Multiple accounts (management of several NFC chips from one account)
  • Checkout closure
  • Management of alternative currencies
  • Management of free tickets
  • Catering management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Expenses generator
  • Restrictions for minors
  • Data exported in XLSX
  • API interfacing
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Frequently asked questions

  • Which device should I choose as my event’s cashless system?

    There are sev­er­al options to choose from

    There are as many devices as you can think of! Almost any­thing is pos­si­ble when it comes to devices and cus­tomi­sa­tion. High­ly appre­ci­at­ed of fes­ti­val organ­is­ers, the wrist­band is con­ve­nient and can be used as an access tick­et to an event. The card is also appre­ci­at­ed by plan­ners because this solu­tion is both con­ve­nient and reas­sur­ing. Regard­less of your choice, our cards and wrist­bands are made from 60% recy­cled PVC.

  • How does cashless work prior to the event?

    From your web­site

    When an attendee pur­chas­es his/her tick­et online or through tra­di­tion­al retail­ers, he/she can cre­ate and top-up their cash­less account using the ticket’s bar-code. On the day of the event, his/her tick­et will be linked to the NFC device and the attendee can imme­di­ate­ly spend the mon­ey on the account. If the attendee pur­chas­es their tick­et from a Weezevent tick­et­ing plug-in, he/she can direct­ly top-up the account at check-out!

  • Is the system reliable and secure?

    It is very safe

    Our pay­ment mod­ule is secure and cer­ti­fied by Glob­al­Sign, which pre­vents visu­al­i­sa­tion of bank­ing data by non-autho­rised peo­ple through encryp­tion of the data trans­mis­sion. The safe­ty of your mon­ey and that of the atten­dees is essen­tial and we make sure to keep it secure. Dur­ing your event, cash­less sys­tems reduce the risk of fraud and pre­vent theft!

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