Hellfest: staggering numbers for an unconventional event!

Hellfest needs no introduction, this annual High Mass gathers more than 200,000 heavy metal music fans in the quiet town of Clisson, France.

In action
  • +200 000 festivalgoers.
  • 1 400 devices on the ground.
  • 1 500 scans per hour per queue.
  • 50 000 3-day passes sold in 1.5 hrs.

200,000+ festivalgoers for 3 days

This means welcoming more than 70,000 festivalgoers each day. Hellfest trusts Weezevent to run its cashless payment system and check-in the general audience as well as VIPs!


1,500+ scans per hour per queue

Every festivalgoer with a wristband can top-up his/her account online to avoid queueing on site, alternatively there are top-up kiosks at the festival. This wristband also enables the festivalgoer to access the festival, simply by scanning the chip inside the wristband at one of the Access Box kiosks. Checking-in only takes a few seconds.

1,400+ devices on the ground

Spread across four areas over 50+ acres, the festival requires a solid and reliable tech solution. The 4,000 people on staff for the festival started using the devices right away to accept cashless payments, top-ups at kiosks and scan tickets and wristbands. Deployment and training were quick and efficient thanks to the Weezevent team.

400,000+ litres of beer consumed

This amount required optimised management of the flow of people at bars and food & drinks areas. Simplified payments through our cashless system enabled festivalgoers to make the most of the festival thanks to short queues and a secure payment system. Meanwhile, the teams of volunteers had a simple and quick software that allowed them to place orders directly on the devices.

Similarly, at kiosks, payment terminals connected to our cashless system increased the safety of transactions and allowed for easier bookkeeping.

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