Using your CRM database to communicate around your professional events

Using your CRM database to communicate around your professional events

Organ­is­ing a pro­fes­sion­al event brings its share of con­straints and oppor­tu­ni­ties. Among them, main­tain­ing your net­work and devel­op­ing your con­tacts are essen­tial. Pro­fes­sion­al event organ­is­ers must there­fore find solu­tions for com­mu­ni­cat­ing with their atten­dees and build­ing real rela­tion­ships with them. To do this, the most impor­tant thing is to take advan­tage of data col­lect­ed at dif­fer­ent times through­out atten­dees’ paths, includ­ing tick­et pur­chas­es, access to events, and cash­less pay­ment. Here are the 5 steps for mak­ing the most of your CRM data­base and com­mu­ni­cat­ing bet­ter around your pro­fes­sion­al events.


  1. Choose a spe­cialised, all-in-one solution
  2. Col­lect and store the right information
  3. Seg­ment your con­tacts into rel­e­vant groups
  4. Cre­ate tar­get­ed com­mu­ni­ca­tion campaigns
  5. Build loy­al­ty with effec­tive offers

1. Choose a specialised, all-in-one solution

CRM and/or email­ing solu­tions exist in all forms, and vary accord­ing to all kinds of pref­er­ences. As an event organ­is­er, you will ben­e­fit more from a BtoB events CRM than from a gen­er­al­ist solu­tion. You’ll enjoy access to fea­tures designed spe­cial­ly for your type of event, be it a con­fer­ence, trade show, sem­i­nar, webi­nar, etc.

Choos­ing an all-in-one solu­tion is also a good idea, as you don’t want to spread your data or your pre­cious time across mul­ti­ple tools. Above all, this is a good way to take advan­tage of your pro­fes­sion­al con­tact data­base as effi­cient­ly as possible.

2. Collect and store the right information


Before throw­ing your­self head-first into cre­at­ing a data­base or com­mu­ni­ca­tion cam­paigns, it’s impor­tant that you ask your­self where you’re going to col­lect infor­ma­tion on your con­tacts, includ­ing atten­dees, part­ners, spon­sors, etc.

If you’re organ­is­ing pro­fes­sion­al events with an online reg­is­tra­tion solu­tion, you already have a source that’s reli­able, appro­pri­ate and free. When they reg­is­ter, atten­dees of your trade show or your sem­i­nar will as a min­i­mum pro­vide their first name, sur­name and email address. You can even go fur­ther by cus­tomis­ing your reg­is­tra­tion form in order to col­lect data that will allow you to become more famil­iar with your attendees.


A BtoB events CRM can store the afore­men­tioned tick­et­ing infor­ma­tion and update it in real time. No more exports/imports, no more tech­ni­cal mis­takes… no more nev­er-end­ing headache! You also have all the infor­ma­tion relat­ing to atten­dees’ actions, includ­ing num­ber of tick­ets pur­chased, date of pur­chase, access to your event, cash­less pay­ment, etc. All your solu­tions are synced in a sin­gle click: tick­et­ing, access con­trol, cash­less pay­ment and CRM.

Enjoy instant access to accu­rate data on your atten­dees and build up a real data­base of pro­fes­sion­al con­tacts. Final­ly, you can design com­mu­ni­ca­tion cam­paigns to estab­lish per­son­alised rela­tion­ships with your audi­ences accord­ing to the sit­u­a­tion of each indi­vid­ual in rela­tion to your event.

3. Segment your contacts into relevant groups

You now know how to col­lect infor­ma­tion on your con­tacts; the next step is trans­form­ing your pro­fes­sion­al con­tact data­base into a real con­ver­sion machine. To do this, start by seg­ment­ing your con­tacts into rel­e­vant groups. They can take dif­fer­ent forms, such as loy­al atten­dees, those who don’t attend reg­u­lar­ly, new­com­ers, etc.

Opt for a BtoB events CRM that offers you the option of car­ry­ing out this type of sort­ing with data obtained via your tick­et­ing sys­tem and your oth­er tools. Weez­Tar­get allows you to go even fur­ther by cre­at­ing dynam­ic groups. This means that atten­dees of your webi­na­rs or online con­fer­ences are auto­mat­i­cal­ly added to a group accord­ing to their actions (e.g. pur­chas­ing a tick­et, hav­ing their tick­et scanned at an entrance, turnover gen­er­at­ed, etc.).

4. Create targeted communication campaigns

Is your CRM data­base com­plete and seg­ment­ed? You now need to com­mu­ni­cate in a tar­get­ed man­ner. A good CRM then becomes a BtoB events email­ing solu­tion. This allows you to cre­ate and send emails via the same inter­face you used to com­plete the two pre­vi­ous steps.

An intu­itive and cre­ative email edi­tor is the key to per­son­al­is­ing your cam­paigns accord­ing to the seg­ments tar­get­ed. A solu­tion like Weez­Tar­get allows you to go all the way, from col­lect­ing infor­ma­tion to deliv­er­ing ultra-tar­get­ed and per­son­alised messages.

5. Build loyalty with effective offers

Com­mu­ni­cat­ing and send­ing tar­get­ed mes­sages will undoubt­ed­ly increase your turnover. How­ev­er, it’s impor­tant that you mon­i­tor the prof­itabil­i­ty of each of your cam­paigns as well as their var­i­ous per­for­mance indi­ca­tors: turnover gen­er­at­ed, aver­age bas­ket, num­ber of orders placed, and tick­ets sold. An events CRM is much more than a solu­tion intend­ed for email­ing and newsletters.

By doing this, you will be able to design new and increas­ing­ly rel­e­vant offers. A 50% dis­count for atten­dees who are los­ing inter­est, VIP access or an exclu­sive con­fer­ence for your most loy­al atten­dees… the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less! You will then be able to rein­vent your event by iden­ti­fy­ing what specif­i­cal­ly attracts your dif­fer­ent audiences.

Make the most of your CRM data­base now and free of charge with Weez­Tar­get. Dis­cov­er all of its fea­tures by log­ging in to your Weezevent account > Appli­ca­tions > CRM or by click­ing on the but­ton below:

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