Our checklist to successfully plan a trade show

Our checklist to successfully plan a trade show

When organ­is­ing a trade show, each step has its impor­tance. To make sure you are not for­get­ting any­thing, you have a choice between sev­er­al tools: cal­en­dar, plan­ner, sched­ule, checklist…It’s the lat­ter that we’ll make avail­able to you, with a sam­ple check­list that you can use to help out in your trade show plan­ning:

Before the show

❍ Define your trade show’s goals and theme;
❍ Cre­ate a fore­cast bud­get;
❍ Find spon­sors and part­ners;
❍ Choose a date;
❍ Book a venue;
❍ Get in touch with exhibitors — email­ing, phone, face to face;
❍ Cre­ate an online tick­et­ing;
❍ Share your tick­et­ing on social media;
❍ Launch your com­mu­ni­ca­tion cam­paign — email­ing, posters, social media, press, web­site;
❍ Pre­pare com­mu­ni­ca­tion media for the day — maps, pro­gramme, sig­nage…;
❍ Man­age human resources — secu­ri­ty offi­cers, event staff…

D‑1 and D‑day of the show

❍ Set-up the decor, lights, sound equip­ment…;
❍ Wel­come the exhibitors;
❍ Con­trol booths ahead of the audi­ence arrival;
❍ Brief the wel­come staff;
❍ Wel­come your audi­ence.

After the show

❍ Analyse actu­al expens­es;
❍ Con­duct a feed­back sur­vey (with audi­ence and/or exhibitors);
❍ Tal­ly and analyse the feed­back sur­vey results;
❍ Organ­ise a post-trade show meet­ing with the plan­ning team;
❍ Write a report with improve­ment ideas for the next event;
❍ Thank your part­ners.

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