Our tips to organise a fundraising event

For many schools and associations, organising an event is the perfect opportunity to raise funds. Lotteries, music shows, bake sales, karaokes, quizzes, dances, or galas can help them reach their goals and finance projects. How to do this? What are the most important choices? Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced event planner, we have listed our best tips to organise a successful fundraising event.


  1. Choose the right venue
  2. Get people to attend
  3. Collect more donations

1. Choose the right venue

First of all, the location of your fundraising event must be easy to get to by several means of transport: car, public transport, on foot, etc. Parking should also be taken into consideration. Then, access to the venue must be easy for everyone – including people with disabilities – visually impaired people, pregnant women, families, the elderly, etc.

The size of the venue itself also matters. If it is too small, it will be uncomfortable for your participants. If it is too big, you may not achieve the atmosphere you’d like. Be careful about the size of the venue in relation to the number of people you want to accommodate at your fundraising event.

Finally, ask the venue manager for as much information as possible about the equipment and services included in the rental:

  • Legal documentation — food & drinks licence, insurance…
  • Staff — waiters, cleaners, security…
  • Sound system — speakers, microphone…

2. Get people to attend

Use relevant and adapted communication channels to promote your fundraising event several months in advance. Local media, social media, your workplace, friends and family can be very good word-of-mouth relays. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Weigh the pros and cons of each, and only select those that work well for your events, similar events, and in your geographical area.

Design a message that clearly states why your event is unique, interesting, and entertaining. Stand out! Highlight the cause your fundraiser supports and its values. No one wants to give money to an association or organisation if they do not know where their donation is going and what it will actually be used for. Whatever the amount, it represents a form of charitable investment for your participants. If they do not feel they are supporting a good cause that is in line with their values, they will not participate.

With an online ticketing platform, you can even send invitations to all the contacts in your association that you know are interested in your cause

3. Collect more donations

Sell tickets in advance. This will avoid the uncertainty of people telling you they will participate and end up forgetting or planning something else. An online ticketing solution will also let you know the number of registered participants. You can even send them reminders by email.

Share your ticketing platform everywhere: social media, local online media, your office… Be strategic and target the time of the month when salaries are paid – usually at the beginning of the month. Potential participants will have more money available and will be more willing to donate.

If you plan to sell tickets on location on the day of the event, Weezevent helps you track your sales in real time so you know how many people are attending your fundraising event. This allows you to maximise the amount collected while not exceeding the venue’s maximum capacity.

Whether your ticket grants entrance to the event only or includes a gift for each donation, you should set fair prices. Our online ticketing solution allows you to create pay what you want ticket types, which can increase donations. Then, it is up to you to decide whether the activities inside the event should be free or not. It can increase donations but may also bother participants. It’s all about balance.

Finally, be sure to inform the venue manager that you are organising a fundraising event to support a worthy cause. Perhaps he will be enthusiastic about supporting you, making a donation, or even renting the place to your organisation for free.

With these tips, some effort and common sense, you are ready to launch your fundraising event. Discover all the benefits of our online ticketing solution by clicking below:

Plan an event

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