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Theme parties are a must for any event planners. Even if themes and concepts evolve with the trends over the years, themed parties are timeless! It is up to you to master all aspects of it to plan an unforgettable party for your guests. Here are some tips to find the right theme for you, and to pursue all your ideas!


  1. Find the perfect theme
  2. Design and rule
  3. Costumes
  4. Theme music
  5. Serving food and drinks
  6. Organise activities
  7. Customise ticketing and booking

1. Find the perfect theme

Before rushing headstrong into the search for the perfect theme, we recommend you analyse the commonalities between all your guests.

  • What brings you together?
  • What are your common passions?
  • Do you have shared dreams?

You can also ask your guests to suggest themes – organise a vote and choose the most popular theme. This allows you to involve your guests in the thought process. They will therefore be more excited for the party, especially when it comes to dressing up and helping you with the preparations. To help you find the perfect theme, we have divided the themes into 3 categories.

Classical themes

It is very likely that you have already attended or even organized “classic” themed evenings. In many cases, the organisers of classic themed evenings favour a good preparation and atmosphere, rather than an in-depth search for ideas. This may be a good option, but be careful not to make your guests feel like they have déjà-vu. 

So, look for ideas on Google and Pinterest or event ChatGPT. There is no lack of choice! Here is a short list of classic themes: 

  • Carnival
  • Black & white
  • Famous couples
  • Travel in time
  • Pajama
  • Superheroes
  • Beach/holidays
  • Roaring years

Also, take inspiration for your theme from the cultural events of the month. In February, it makes sense to organise a Valentine’s Day party, and in March, you can opt for a Saint Patrick’s Day party, for example.

Original themes

If you have more time to devote to your theme research, or if you want to make your evening totally unforgettable for your guests, you are free to look for a more original or eccentric theme. To do this, think about the commonalities that bring you together and are specific to you. You can also mix two themes to create a new one. Give free rein to your imagination, to your wildest ideas. Do what you’ve always dreamed of! You can find inspiration for original themes in music videos, movies or TV shows, in Facebook events, or even on Instagram!

Avant-garde themes

You dream about finding a theme that no one else could have thought of? Your quest has only just begun! In this case, don’t look for inspiration on Google, Facebook or Instagram because it could block your imagination and lead you to themes you’ve already seen. Trust your ideas, passions, and determination. You will need a lot of it to complete this project. Organising an evening with an avant-garde theme, pursuing your ideas, and motivating your guests to follow you into this madness requires effort… but it’s worth it! If you succeed in your mission, all your guests will remember it for the rest of their lives. Give it a shot! 

2. Design and rule

Atmosphere design and decoration are critical elements of any themed party because they set the mood as soon as your guests arrive. Someone entering a party where the atmosphere instantly immerses them in the theme will immediately feel the excitement. It will encourage them to socialise, laugh, and dance! This is also a way to show your guests you have made extra efforts to design an event that will please them and ensure that they have a great time. 

Decoration and overall atmosphere also allow your costumed guests not to feel uncomfortable. This can happen when guests arrive in a themed party where the atmosphere does not match their expectations – too serious, not immersive enough, etc. Decorate like a pro and your guests will consider you the king of themed parties!

3. Costumes

A themed party without costumes is like a Ferrari without an engine! Guests are the most visible elements of a party. They are, in a way, part of the decor. In addition, discussions and jokes about costumes are key to a successful themed party – they will create a cheerful and friendly atmosphere, conducive to socialising. A themed party without costumes would therefore take away from the desired atmosphere. Guests may even forget the initial theme.

To get your guests to participate, give them costume ideas or a list of places to rent/buy them. Reassure the shy among them and most of all…set an example! Feel free to show some elements of your costume before the party. Your guests will want to discover it and even do better than you!

Tip: Take pictures throughout the evening to keep memories. You can also leave a Polaroid at the disposal of your guests. They will happily take pictures of themselves and each other!

4. Theme music

Stay consistent with your theme and adapt the soundtrack of your evening. Be careful not to be too strict in your musical choices. Broadcasting a single musical theme throughout the evening can be boring for your guests. Varying and balancing musical styles at certain times of the evening will bring a fresh and dynamic touch.

If you have chosen to use a DJ, agree beforehand that he will play music from his repertoire in accordance with your choices. You can also submit ideas and playlists to him.

In case you don’t have a DJ, prepare your playlists ahead of the party and ask your guests for 2 to 5 songs they would like to hear at the party. This will help you put all the chances on your side and satisfy everyone’s tastes.

5. Serving food and drinks

A full buffet means a successful evening! Beyond creating a link between your theme and your food and drinks, add fun details for your guests:  

  • Give names to your cocktails, and add colouring to be completely on theme — e.g. blood red for Halloween, rainbow for a neon themed evening.
  • Get inspiration from recipes on popular YouTube channels. Favour buffets because you will not have to manage any service, and you can satisfy everyone by offering several types of dishes. 
  • Involve your guests by inviting them to bring a dish each, while staying within the theme. 
  • Add culinary decoration when preparing the table – food colouring, fruit pieces, coloured spices, etc.

6. Organise activities

During a themed party, activities allow guests to meet and socialise. They will immerse them in the theme of the evening. It is also an opportunity to introduce them to new activities. All the elements mentioned above can be part of an activity: costume competitions, blind tests, karaoke, blind tastings… Be creative!

7. Manage attendees

Whether your themed party is free or not, you can set up a ticket office, even creating a minisite, specific to your event and customisable. This will immerse your guests in the atmosphere before the evening even begins… because it is never too early to raise the temperature!

Thus, customise your ticketing or registration mini-site by adding images in line with your theme. For instance, for a Halloween party you can’t avoid pumpkins and spiderwebs. Immerse your guests in your theme as soon as they register, and you’ll be sure they will play the game on the day of the event! 

Pursue your ideas by using your theme in your ticket design! For a party with friends, surprise and entertain your guests by printing their tickets as if it was a professional event!

Have you found your theme? Are you close? Start organising your party and discover all the benefits of Weezevent’s solutions for ticketing and registration, access control, cashless payment and marketing tools.

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