10 ideas for a Valentine’s Day event

10 ideas for a Valentine’s Day event

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you still need an idea for your event? Here are 10 theme ideas that fit your Valentine’s Day event.


    1. Love themed dinner

    Themed dinners are organised every year for Valentine’s Day. Every restaurant (or almost every restaurant) offers a special menu to celebrate this day and attract couples. We advise that if you organise a Valentine’s Day dinner, you must differentiate yourself from others.

    Think carefully about the menu, taking into account the experience the guests will have. Always ask yourself whether the dishes offered are sufficiently fine and fit the mental image one might have of a romantic dinner.

    As supply and demand are high, it is advisable to have a pre-booking system in place. Many restaurants and other event organisers choose our reservation and ticketing system to manage the bookings of their Valentine’s Day event. You can do the same!

    2. Live concert for Valentine’s Day

    Why not organise a live concert for a musical Valentine’s Day? Maybe with a band that plays the best love songs.

    Depending on how well-known the band is, you will have to prepare for the event more or less in advance. If you are short of time, don’t hesitate to use a booking platform, which will help you to choose, in a couple of clicks, a band that will be available on the day of the event and with a repertoire in line with the celebration of love.

    3. Romantic tasting for two

    You may have loyal customers interested in gastronomy. Why not offer them a tasting?

    Organise, for example, a wine tasting for couples, as a symbol of love. A tasting of chocolate, oysters or even truffles would also fit in perfectly with the theme of this special day.

    Couples interested in gastronomy will love discovering new flavours and sharing unique moments.

    4. Board games in pairs

    Why not offer a game night for a family on Valentine’s Day? In recent years, board games have come back into fashion and can create moments of great complicity, even outside the home. If you organise a board game party, you can introduce new activities to couples and their children if they join you.

    Choose games with appropriate lengths and themes depending on the number of attendees. If there are young children, they will find it challenging to maintain interest during a long game of Monopoly, and conversely, you may need more than a game of charades to keep the adults entertained for the whole party.

    Before D-Day, ensure you know the rules of all the chosen games and can explain them quickly and clearly.

    5. Film screening

    For many, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romantic films. Make the most of this day to offer your guests a movie night!

    Choose one or more films tailored to your audience.

    • Will attendees come with children, as a couple, or with friends?
    • Would you prefer a romantic comedy or a more classic film?

    Once you have selected the film, think about the other elements. Decoration, lighting, comfortable seating, sweet or savoury snacks… Think of everything to make your event the ideal cosy space to share this day of love in front of a romantic film.

    6. Mixology and cocktail workshop

    Creating and discovering the secrets of cocktail making are ideal for celebrating a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day.

    There is a multitude of cocktails that match perfectly with the theme of love because of their colour (pink, red), their taste (fruity, sweet) or their ingredients (rose syrup, cava…).

    Prepare a schedule of the activity starting with theoretical explanations of the drinks’ origins, the pairing of flavours and theory on the techniques. Then, let the attendees prepare one or more classic cocktails, with or without alcohol. The activity ends with the attendees creating their cocktails.

    7. Couples dance class

    Dancing together is not always a given but is often a pleasure for couples. Turn up the heat with a couple’s dance class for the attendees.

    Many dances lend themselves to romance and seduction. Especially Latin dances: bachata, salsa, samba, tango… The possibilities are almost endless.

    Feel free to contact a school or a professional dance teacher to teach the class. Their advice and guidelines will significantly contribute to the dancers’ progress and enjoyment.

    Finally, consider grouping the dancers by level so that everyone can benefit from the class with instructions adapted to their knowledge of the dance. To do so, you can use a ticketing and registration platform, allowing prospective attendees to indicate their level and choose a time slot.

    8. DIY Workshop

    Valentine’s Day is an ideal occasion to offer a craft workshop, either to create as a couple or to make a unique gift with your hands, and Valentine’s Day is the ideal time to organise it.

    Choose a craft such as card making, jewellery, decorative objects or even sweets. Then launch the registrations for your event to know the number of attendees in advance and buy the necessary material to carry out the activity. Remember to plan for more material than you have estimated you will need because it is always possible that an attendee will make a mistake and want to start again.

    9. Musical blind test

    Since the beginning of time, music has always celebrated love and feelings. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a dynamic musical activity: A blind test!

    To organise a party with a quiz that consists of quickly discovering different songs, follow these three simple steps:

    1. Forming teams
      Teams can be in pairs or by putting several pairs together to form larger teams.
    2. Create your playlist
      It certainly has to be a blind test with a romantic playlist made for the occasion. If you need to learn how or need more time to create one yourself, choose one already created on Youtube or Spotify.
    3. Conducting the competition
      The last step is to conduct the musical blind test competition. Count the points in teams, create suspense, tension… You are the conductor of the activity and have a significant role in its success! Don’t hesitate to leave a whole song from time to time so that the audience can sing their favourite love song.

    10. Anti-Valentine’s Day event

    You can also organise an anti-Valentine’s Day event to make fun of this celebration! This party will be the ideal occasion for gatherings of friends to celebrate love, but not necessarily love as a couple.

    With these ten ideas of activities for your Valentine’s Day event, you have what you need for your partygoers to have a great time celebrating this celebration of love.

    Regardless of the type of activity you decide to organise for Valentine’s Day, you will undoubtedly find it easier to organise and manage ticket sales or registrations by using the services of an online ticketing platform such as WeezTicket.

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