The event planner’s toolkit

The event planner’s toolkit

No matter how well you prepare, you’ll always have surprises on the day of your event. When things go wrong, you’ll kick yourself for forgetting your phone charger or your usual headache cure. They may seem unnecessary when you pack your bag, but later on, you will wish you had taken them with you. Bring these 7 types of items with you to be ready for any contingency.


  1. Plasters
  2. Back-up chargers
  3. A notebook and post-it notes
  4. A quick repair kit
  5. A toiletry bag
  6. Electrical outlets
  7. Medication

1. Plasters

You and your staff will be on your feet all day long, and no matter how comfortable your shoes are, blisters may appear. Did you warn your intern not to come wearing their brand-new pair of shoes? Not sure your advice will be followed! Fortunately, you will have a box of plasters with you to cover these painful blisters.

Tip: In addition to plasters, bring a complete first aid kit to treat cuts and other splinters that can easily happen when lifting equipment, unwinding cables, moving furniture, or walking on uneven ground. So, think about antiseptic spray, gauze, and sports bandages in case someone sprains their ankle or wrist.

2. Back-up chargers

It is impossible for you to organise an event without your phone, especially on the day. This is particularly true when you have set-up an app for your event, when you have to manage your staff, and when suppliers and service providers arrive at the event location. Your phone must be on at all times, so make sure you have an external battery (or two).

Tip: Set up a charging area for your team. This way, everyone can charge their phones at any time without having to look for a suitable place.

3. A notebook and post-it notes

You may have information to pass on to a supplier, instructions to give to your assembly team, or a secret Wi-Fi password to communicate to your staff. However, these people may not always be available by phone when they are busy with their work. So, you may have to leave them a note in a place they will easily see it.

And let’s be honest, you’re an event planner, so you like to make lists, leave notes, and annotate everything you find. Don’t forget the pens and markers.

Tip: If you are the hyper-organised type, a labeller can be your best friend. Also bring several photocopies of the day’s programme – with everyone’s contacts numbers.

4. A quick repair kit

Whether you have something to hang on a wall, to repair or fix on a booth, you will be delighted and proud to have brought a pair of scissors, tape or duct tape, string, super glue and a stapler.

Tip: While you’re at it, assemble a small toolbox with a screwdriver, a measuring tape, pliers and a hammer.

5. A toiletry bag

Organising an event is a physical challenge during which you want to maintain a spotless professional appearance. Deodorant, mints, and cleaning wipes will help you fight sweat and unpleasant odours.

Tip: Spare clothes can save you in case of oil stains, fabric tearing, etc.

6. Electrical outlets

You never know how many devices you will have to connect to the power, even if it is possible to make estimates. Always bring power strips and extension cords to ensure you’re covered.

Tip: Flashlights will be useful if you need to locate equipment behind a booth or under a stage – without depleting your phone battery by using the flash.

7. Medication

As an organiser, events can be stressful, noisy and physically exhausting. This means that headaches, throat or stomach aches are to be expected. Anticipate this by bringing medications adapted to the symptoms you are used to experiencing.

Tip: Earplugs can relieve headaches when the event is too noisy.

All this may seem exaggerated, but event organisers will tell you that it doesn’t hurt anyone to be « too prepared ». Fill a bag with everything listed above and keep a smaller bag of personal belongings with you. You will be ready to face any challenge!

Apart from these practical details, greater challenges await! Choose a great partner to support you in the management and success of your event. Click on the button below and organise your event in complete serenity:

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