How to manage sending invitations to your event

WeezTicket offers you the easiest and most efficient features

You’ll already know it’s essential to offer an online ticketing system for your event. But how do you manage sending free invitations for your partners, colleagues or relatives?

This can be a real headache, or it can be child’s play if you use the right tool.


    1. Invitations to events that charge for entry

    If your event is free, your invitation mailing will be more about getting people to register and trying to limit the ‘no-show’ rate.

    However, invitations for an event that charges for entry work differently: they are exclusive and are sent to a carefully selected guest list.

    Every event has a guest list, whether it includes volunteers, sponsors, staff members, or simply people the organisation wants to invite for whatever reason. This is an exclusive group of people to whom you want to offer the chance to attend your event for free, making it easy for them to do so without taking up too much of your time.

    2. Simple, fast and intuitive features

    There are many ways to approach sending invitations, but you already have enough things to organise without having to resort to a complicated and time-consuming method.

    With WeezTicket, you can send up to 500 invitations per event (1,000 per Weezevent account) for free in just a few clicks.

    If you need to send more invitations, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

    How does it work?

    Prepare the guest list:
    If you want to send a large number of invitations at once, we recommend that you prepare your guest list in a spreadsheet beforehand (e.g. in Excel) with the following details: Surname, First name, Number of invitations, Email address. If you plan to send your invitations to a small group of people, or as you go, you can enter them manually.

    Determine the price of the invitations:
    When selling your tickets, you’ll have created different types of tickets (standard, VIP, etc.) with specific prices. You can send tickets belonging to one of these types for free, but we recommend that you create a specific ticket type for invitations, making it free and not visible on the Internet. If you’re sending invitations from different categories, with different access rights, you can also have several categories of invitations (e.g. media, influencers, friends & family, etc.).

    Specify the number of recipients:
    How many people do you want to send invitations to? Select the number of different email addresses to which you’ll send one or more invitations.

    Message and delivery:
    Indicate whether you wish to send the invitations directly by email, or whether you’d prefer to download them for printing or send them by other means. If you plan to send them by email, you can enter the subject of the email and the message that will accompany the tickets.

    In this online help article, we explain step by step how to use this feature.

    3. How to write personalised messages

    When you generate and send your email invitations, as we saw in the last step, you can personalise the subject and the message that will appear in the body of the invitation email. You can also change this subject and message each time you send an invitation, whether to an individual or a group.

    Would you like to further personalise the email your guests receive to reflect your event? This Premium service is also available – please feel free to ask our team for advice.

    4. Peace of mind on D-Day

    Generating and sending invitations by email is the fastest and easiest way to manage your guests’ access to your event. Each guest will have their own ticket, complete with a QR code, which will allow them to enter the event with no difficulty and no wait time. You can set up access control so that your guests enter through the same door as the other attendees, or create a fast-track queue reserved for guests.

    Forget about endless printed lists, searching for names and collecting invitations in person before the event – opt for a system that’s far more convenient for both you and your guests.

    Online ticket sales, invitation management and access control at your event are the fundamental pillars of its success. Contact our team to see which is the best configuration for your event.


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