How to develop your email database and increase your ticket sales

How to develop your email database and increase your ticket sales

Email is the most effec­tive way to com­mu­ni­cate direct­ly with your atten­dees. How­ev­er, col­lect­ing email address­es is only use­ful if those con­cerned agree to receive infor­ma­tion from you and are poten­tial­ly inter­est­ed in your event. How can you devel­op your email data­base and increase your tick­et sales? Here are 4 meth­ods proven to be effec­tive by a range of event organisers.


  1. Pub­lish your tick­et­ing page, even dur­ing off-peak periods
  2. Place a newslet­ter sub­scrip­tion field in key places on your website
  3. Cre­ate a sur­vey on social networks
  4. Organ­ise a com­pe­ti­tion with an attrac­tive prize

1. Publish your ticketing page, even during off-peak periods

If you want vis­i­tors to your web­site to take spe­cif­ic actions, plac­ing a newslet­ter sub­scrip­tion field at the bot­tom of each page won’t be enough. You need to grab them by the shoul­ders and shake them — fig­u­ra­tive­ly, of course. Encour­age vis­i­tors to take action by putting your tick­et­ing page on your web­site even if it hasn’t yet been launched.

Dur­ing an off-peak peri­od — out­side of sales peri­ods — include a reg­is­tra­tion form on your tick­et­ing page for those who are curi­ous about the launch date of your tick­et­ing sys­tem. Peo­ple who are real­ly inter­est­ed will leave their email address here. You can also place the link to this page on your Face­book event. This allows you to turn thou­sands of ‘inter­est­ed’ peo­ple into email address­es to be tar­get­ed in your data­base, which is much more concrete!

Accord­ing to Thomas, Prod­uct Own­er of our events-based CRM and a spe­cial­ist in email mar­ket­ing, an event or organ­i­sa­tion that offers activ­i­ties should always have an online tick­et­ing page, even if this ‘only’ includes a reg­is­tra­tion form: ‘This allows you to col­lect valu­able email address­es all year round and mea­sure your projects’ attrac­tive­ness. What’s more, it’s free for your audiences.’

2. Place a newsletter subscription field in key places on your website

Do you already have a newslet­ter sub­scrip­tion field on your web­site? This is a good start, but you can go even fur­ther by sync­ing the con­tacts obtained via this mod­ule with those in your online tick­et­ing sys­tem. The process is as fol­lows: by replac­ing your cur­rent reg­is­tra­tion field with a Weez­Tar­get mod­ule, the email address­es of those who reg­is­ter will be auto­mat­i­cal­ly added to the con­tact data­base with­in your Weezevent tick­et­ing system.

The Weez­Tar­get mod­ule can be inte­grat­ed into your site and cus­tomised to match your brand image in just a few clicks. This guar­an­tees that your data­base will be fed in an effi­cient, intu­itive way through your web­site and your tick­et­ing system.

3. Create a survey on social networks

More and more audi­ences are fol­low­ing event pages on Insta­gram, Face­book and Twit­ter. This brings oppor­tu­ni­ties, but also makes it more dif­fi­cult to tar­get atten­dees in a pre­cise man­ner, unlike email cam­paigns that use events-based CRM.

One way around this prob­lem is to organ­ise a sur­vey on your social net­works — espe­cial­ly on Face­book Events — using a Type­form or Google Forms ques­tion­naire. The aim is to ask for atten­dees’ email address­es at the end of the sur­vey. Spec­i­fy that the Email field is option­al, but is use­ful for keep­ing them updat­ed with future announce­ments about your event.

Tip: Sur­vey your sub­scribers on a sub­ject they’ll find excit­ing, such as your event’s sched­ul­ing, for exam­ple. Title your ques­tion­naire: ‘Who do you want to see on the poster for our next edi­tion?’ This will be all the more use­ful as you’ll be able to seg­ment your audi­ences for future com­mu­ni­ca­tion cam­paigns accord­ing to the answers you receive.

4. Organise a competition with an attractive prize

When they’re well done, com­pe­ti­tions pro­vide strong incen­tives for audi­ences to inter­act and quick­ly lead to pos­i­tive results. How should you choose an attrac­tive prize? Ide­al­ly, you want it to be linked to your event so that atten­dees are more like­ly to be inter­est­ed and to attend, rather than sim­ply tak­ing part in order to win a prize.

Depend­ing on the nature of your event and the val­ue of your tick­ets, an easy option might be to add a prize of 2 VIP tick­ets into the mix. To make the prize even more attrac­tive, you could add a night in a hotel or an oppor­tu­ni­ty to meet your headliner.

Fol­low these 4 tips and you’ll see an increase in the num­ber of con­tacts in your email data­base. This should result in an increase in your tick­et sales and atten­dance at your events. How­ev­er, col­lect­ing email address­es won’t pay off if you don’t send high-qual­i­ty, tar­get­ed mar­ket­ing cam­paigns. Weezevent offers a CRM solu­tion for events, designed so that organ­is­ers can con­nect their data in just one click in order to engage their atten­dees and aim right every time. Dis­cov­er Weez­Tar­get by click­ing on the but­ton below:

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