5 ideas for retaining your attendees after an event

5 ideas for retaining your attendees after an event

An event is nev­er over. When all the atten­dees have gone home, a new sto­ry is just begin­ning. Since you’ve put so much effort into prepar­ing this event, don’t let it all stop once it’s over. If it was a suc­cess — and even if some unfore­seen events dis­rupt­ed its per­for­mance — we rec­om­mend that you keep it alive beyond D‑day in order to strength­en your bond with atten­dees and pre­pare the rest of your projects. In this arti­cle, we pro­vide you with 5 ideas for retain­ing your atten­dees after an event.


  1. Thank your atten­dees and share the best moments
  2. Launch the tick­et­ing sys­tem for the next edi­tion at the end of the event
  3. Cre­ate a pri­vate sale by seg­ment­ing your audience
  4. Car­ry out a sat­is­fac­tion survey
  5. Design an ambas­sador programme

1. Thank your attendees and share the best moments

It may seem obvi­ous, but it’s always good to remem­ber: say thank you to your atten­dees. With­out their sup­port — emo­tion­al and/or finan­cial — your project might not exist, and you should at least show them that you’re grate­ful for this.

Shar­ing the best moments from your event with pho­tos and videos that show­case your atten­dees is a great way to thank them. This also allows you to extend the event and strength­en the mem­o­ries cre­at­ed there.

2. Launch the ticketing system for the next edition at the end of the event

Your event might have just end­ed, but some atten­dees will only be think­ing of one thing: attend­ing the next edi­tion. This is the best time to launch the tick­et­ing sys­tem for your next event, which will stack the odds in your favour and help you fill the event as quick­ly as pos­si­ble. Above all, this enables you to cre­ate a snow­ball effect, as atten­dees who buy their tick­ets imme­di­ate­ly will talk about them to their friends and fam­i­ly and con­vince poten­tial unde­cid­ed buy­ers. Atten­dees’ enthu­si­asm will decrease over time. Give your­self up to 48 hours, or per­haps 72 hours, to launch the tick­et­ing sys­tem for your next event.

The essential: A ‘general public’ ticketing system

If you choose to launch tick­et­ing for the next edi­tion as soon as the event ends, set quo­tas to lim­it the num­ber of tick­ets issued and apply a reduced rate — also known as an ear­ly bird rate. This has two advan­tages: you’ll make sure you don’t go over a lim­it you may not have set yet, and you’ll cre­ate a sense of urgency among atten­dees as they won’t want to miss their chance.

The optional: A ‘private sale’ ticketing system

When launch­ing this ‘gen­er­al pub­lic’ tick­et­ing sys­tem, plan a sec­ond sys­tem for your most loy­al atten­dees, with sales open­ing 48 hours before the offi­cial launch, pro­mo­tion codes, and so on. This will help you strength­en the bond between you and your more enthu­si­as­tic sup­port­ers. Our events-based CRM solu­tion, synced with our online tick­et­ing tool, allows you to quick­ly set up this type of sys­tem — see the fol­low­ing section.

3. Create a private sale by segmenting your audience

A proven method used by the Papil­lons de Nuit fes­ti­val for thank­ing its most loy­al atten­dees involves select­ing those who have attend­ed at least 3 edi­tions of the fes­ti­val and allow­ing them to pur­chase tick­ets 48 hours before the pub­lic open­ing of the tick­et­ing system.

Oth­er sce­nar­ios could be con­sid­ered for retain­ing your most loy­al audi­ences. For instance, you could offer them a lim­it­ed-time pro­mo­tion code on the next edition’s tick­et­ing sys­tem or VIP tick­ets at the price of a stan­dard tick­et by run­ning an email cam­paign that incor­po­rates unique pro­mo­tion codes.

4. Carry out a satisfaction survey

It’s always good to know how your atten­dees feel about your event just after it’s end­ed — whether or not you’ve planned a future edi­tion. So, how should you go about this? Find all our tips in the arti­cle Tak­ing advan­tage of an off-peak peri­od to sur­vey your atten­dees’ expec­ta­tions by email.

5. Design an ambassador programme

Does your event cre­ate a strong sense of belong­ing for some of your atten­dees? Why not cre­ate an ambas­sador pro­gramme with the aim of encour­ag­ing these enthu­si­asts to com­mu­ni­cate with those around them? Offer them ben­e­fits in exchange for sales dri­ven by word of mouth.

To design this, add a form to a page on your web­site allow­ing vol­un­teers to sign up. Then send each of them a unique track­ing link to your tick­et­ing sys­tem. This will allow you to track the num­ber of sales enabled by each ambassador.

Do you want to set up a pri­vate sale or an ambas­sador pro­gramme? Con­tact our advi­sors by click­ing on the but­ton below and they’ll guide you through­out the process:

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As you’ve seen, an event’s lifes­pan is infi­nite. Your atten­dees’ inter­est in your event must be con­stant­ly encour­aged. Weezevent will sup­port you in this adven­ture with an events-based CRM solu­tion designed to con­nect all of your events’ data in just one click, engage your atten­dees and devel­op your income. Dis­cov­er all its fea­tures by click­ing on the but­ton below:

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