Windsor Craft Beer Festival
Windsor Craft Beer Festival

Windsor Craft Beer Festival

Windsor Craft Beer Festival: the cashless revolution

The Windsor Craft Beer Festival, crowned the best festival in the Lake Erie region, made its debut with Weezevent’s cashless payment solution for its 2022 edition.

In action:
  • 3,000 festival goers
  • 75 products to taste
  • - 3 weeks from configuration to delivery

Cashless for a better overall experience

The cashless solution enables the Windsor Craft Beer Festival to distribute digital tokens reliably, securely and efficiently to over 3,000 attendees.

The purchase of tokens when ordering tickets has been replaced by attendees receiving a pre-topped-up cashless wristband on arrival at the event.
With cashless being the only form of payment at the festival, attendees were able to top-up their cashless wristbands in a dedicated location using credit cards or cash.

What’s more, the cashless solution offers greater traceability of transactions, giving organisers a clearer picture of the consumption of each attendee. An invaluable feature for managing stocks, analysing consumer preferences and planning future editions of the event.

Our cashless terminals don’t depend on the wifi, which is another argument that convinced the organiser:

“Cashless does not depend on wifi as contactless payments do. For us, this means something else that we don’t have to worry about.”

Quick to install

With the festival only a few weeks away, Weezevent has been asked to be the exclusive cashless supplier for the Windsor Craft Beer Festival. The Weezevent team demonstrated a remarkable speed of installation.

Despite the tight deadline, the team was able to implement the cashless solution in record time, ensuring a smooth transition to the new system. Thanks to Weezevent’s expertise and personalised assistance, the integration and training process for the festival team and its attendees was easy.

The ease of use of the cashless terminals provided was particularly appreciated. All the staff involved (bartenders and top-up operators) were able to get to grips with the tool in record time and were up and running from the very start of the festival.

Autonomy and unrivalled level of customer service

The WeezPay solution was used independently at this year’s Windsor Craft Beer Festival. We provided technical support to the festival team, who were able to manage the event without our direct intervention.

“We looked at several solutions before choosing Weezevent, including physical tokens or gift card software, but none integrated a point-of-sale solution into an easy-to-use device like WeezPay does.”

For future editions, should the event grow or require more advanced functionality, our teams remain available to provide on-site assistance to maintain a smooth experience for organisers and attendees alike.

Windsor Craft Beer Festival

“I think the main quality would not be about the solution, but the service provided by Weezevent. Our account manager is a seasoned manager and always provided insight because he works on dozens of events each year. This has real value for a small organization like ours that produce an event once a year.”

Jay Souilliere

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