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Races are very popular sports events. They often gather many people, divided into several categories (dis­tance, age and gender for instance). It is therefore challenging for a planner to juggle all these lists of participants, and to orient them in the best way possible on the day of the event. Pick our ticketing, access control and cashless payment solutions to make it easy to plan your race!

Get your race off to a good start

  • Make registering easy

    Integrate your registration module directly to your website or create a microsite for your event. Offer your participants the possibility to upload their medical certificate or any other document at the time of registration.

  • Be in control

    Our access control solution allows you to secure access to your race by admitting only runners in the correct category. Therefore you can manage the flow of people accessing your location.

  • Cashless payment, a convenient option

    Pair a ticket with a cashless wristband so that participants and audience members can access food, drinks and goodies – or anything else you’d like to give them – at the end of the race without waiting.

Ready, steady, sell!

  • Create and set-up your online registration module in a few clicks using our platform.
  • Then either integrate it to your own website or create an event microsite for your race, including all the information the participants will need.
  • Give them the option to upload their medical certificate or any other document when registering so that you don’t have to chase after them!

Your race is in a stadium? Offer the audience the possibility to pick their seat at the time of registration using our allocated seating solution.

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Be in control

Choose our access control solution for increased safety. Ensure that all runners have registered or purchased tickets and that they are taking part in the right race. Manage the flow of audience members and only admit registered attendees. For the latecomers – if you have leftover seats – you can use our equipment to sell and print tickets on the day of the event!

  • Ready in 5 min
  • No exclusivity requirement
  • No commitment and no minimum sales
  • Earnings paid twice a month

Simplify transactions

Set-up a cashless payment system for your event in order to reduce waiting times. Hand out wristbands or any other NFC device to your attendees prior to the event. At the end of the race, they can collect goodies, a drink or any other prize. Be certain to hand these out to participants only, reduce waiting times and make your inventory management easier with Weezevent!


What kind of sports event are you planning?

Weezevent helps 160,000+ planners of all kinds to organise sports events. Plan a successful:

  • Bike race
  • Bike trek
  • Hike
  • Mountain
  • Multi-sport raid
  • Race Obstacle course
  • Run and bike
  • Sports competition
  • Tournament
  • Trail
  • Trek
  • View your stats in real time
  • Export your data easily
  • Create promo codes

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