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Easily manage the organisation of your competition

Competitions, whether sports, arts or leisure-related, are special events. Therefore, planning a competition is special too: you need to manage both competitors and audience. Create categories of attendees to make it easier to manage the event. Collect the competitors» documents and fees within a couple of weeks. Send customised emails and highlight the important info to ensure a smooth running of your event.

Make your competition a success!

  • Easily manage your lists of attendees.

    Create several categories of tickets, ask your competitors to upload their documents at registration: Weezevent is the right solution!

  • Tailored ticketing

    Set-up a customised ticketing plug-in within a few minutes and integrate it to your website without delay, or create a microsite for your competition.

  • A comprehensive management platform

    Make the most of all our features using a single online platform

Manage attendees» registration instantly

  • Create several categories of attendees to make registrations easier.
  • Quickly set-up your online registration.
  • Ask your future competitors to upload the necessary documents when registering online.
  • Also use our allocated seating solution if the location of your competition includes seats and let the audience choose their seats.

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Make it easy to manage your event

Our solution is designed to help planners. Customise your registrations and emails. Create a dedicated microsite for your competition to highlight all the information your future competitors will need. Think convenience, think Wee­zevent!

  • Ready in 5 min
  • No exclusivity requirement
  • No commitment and no minimum sales
  • Earnings paid twice a month

Sell your tickets in a few clicks

  • Integrate in your form a secure payment module if your competition includes a registration fee.
  • Directly link a ticketing plug-in to your website or create a dedicated microsite for your competition, with no prior IT knowledge required.
  • You can rent our on-site sales and ticket printing equipment for last minute attendees!

What kind of sports event are you planning?

Weezevent helps 160,000+ planners of all kinds to organise sports events. Plan a successful:

  • Bike race
  • bike trek
  • Mountain
  • Multi-sport raid
  • Race
  • Race Obstacle course
  • Run and bike
  • Sports competition
  • Trail
  • Trek
  • View your stats in real time
  • Export your data easily
  • Create promo codes

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