What’s new @ Weezevent – January 2024

What’s new @ Weezevent – January 2024

Welcome to the year of innovation! For our event organisers, we promise a 2024 full of new features, meetings, and unprecedented opportunities. On our end, we anticipate substantial growth in both our product offerings and teams.

To learn more about these developments, dive into the first issue of our monthly review What’s New @ Weezevent, featuring a recap of January 2024.


We have introduced a brand-new solution for our event organisers: WeezCrew.

With WeezCrew, you can centralise and simplify the management of your staff and accredited individuals.

Inscription, affectation des missions, accréditations, communication… Découvrez une gestion d’équipes complète, loin des casse-tête des fichiers Excel et listing papiers.

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Updates to our ticketing and registration solution.

New interface available

After many months of work and testing alongside you, we have opened our new ticketing interface to all new users of the solution.

The option to switch to this new interface for existing users is currently under development and will be deployed gradually to eligible organisers. We will keep you informed about the progress of this deployment.

Translate form fields

Use case: Addressing an international audience in your forms.
It is now possible to translate the names and descriptions of the various fields offered in your registration / ticketing forms into 16 languages.


Updates to our access control solution.

New participant search methods

Use case: Quickly find a participant in the control list without having to type their name, using their barcode or “short tag” (the number placed on their cashless device, if applicable).

By scanning a participant’s ticket barcode with your camera (computer, tablet, or mobile) or by typing their short tag in the search bar, you can immediately find their participant record.

Export a report of scan errors

Use case: Know and understand all the fraud attempts that took place during your event.
The reports include the reason for the scan error (unknown ticket, already scanned, no rights at this control point, etc.). Export will be provided in .CSV file with retro-activity on all 2023 events

These data also remain directly accessible from your user interface.

Create an operator in “Test Mode”

Use case: Conduct pre-production tests, or entrust your ticketing assistance to a third party.
When “test mode” is enabled, scans are not sent back to the servers. Thus, tickets that have been scanned for testing remain valid at the entrances.

Application mobile Weez Access

5,700 downloads and 279,033 ticket scans since the release of our new access control app. Thank you for your trust!
The next development steps for the app include:

  • Dark mode
  • Sign-out journey improvement, which will provide access to statistics directly from the phone or tablet without connecting to the WeezAccess back office
  • Interface improvement on tablets

And of course, continuous improvement of the app thanks to your feedback!


Updates to our cashless solution.

Tipping option

Use case: Activate a tipping option on your cashless terminals.
Offer your participants the possibility of leaving a tip for your teams, directly from their cashless support.

Split payments

Use case: Splitting a significant bill among multiple participants and various payment methods.
A feature allowing the splitting of a cashless order payment was already in place. It allowed users to pay using a second chip when there was not enough money on the first chip.

With this update, you can split the payment between:

  • Several authorised payment methods (e.g., cashless and credit card)
  • As many participants as desired

This new method is particularly relevant for certain cases, like very expensive products, VIP tables, food courts, etc.

Note: As of now, this feature is not compatible with tipping.

Batch actions made easy

Use case: Applying your configuration actions across all your sales points.
The unified system-wide view allows you to apply batch actions easily. Now you can apply an action across all the sales location without having to manage the entities individually.

Tech Day #2

On 23 January, we organised the 2nd edition of Weezevent’s Tech Days.

All our technical teams came together for a day of conferences, professional workshops, and meetings.
In total, 29 team members participated in 11 highlights (presentations, demos, best practices, challenges). This event was an opportunity for everyone to share their experience, knowledge, and feedback on past situations.

Strengthening our teams

We are expanding our teams globally to maintain top-notch service quality, in the UK and abroad. With this in mind, we welcomed 9 new team members in January!

This month, discover the faces of our teams based in the United Kingdom and in Switzerland.

Our team meeting with you

The Weezevent team members attended various events in January to meet our clients and prospects.

Biennales Internationales du Spectacle (BIS) – France

We spent three days with show industry professionals, participating in various highlights.

💬 Stand & live demos
Continuously present at the Weezevent stand, our teams offered live demonstrations of our technologies and presented our new population management solution: WeezCrew.
🧑‍🏫 Workshop
Nordine and Benjamin hosted a workshop on the keys and best practices for managing volunteers, staff, and accredited individuals, drawing on the experience of Nadège, Production Director of the King Arthur Festival.
🍹 Professional networking drinks
We hosted a professional networking drinks event on the occasion of the BISE Festival, the French showcase festival taking place alongside the BIS.

Eurosonic – Netherlands

Our teams and directors from Belgium, France, and the UK came together in the Netherlands to connect with clients and prospects at @ESNS 🇳🇱.

As Sebastien Tonglet, Managing Director of Weezevent, emphasises, ‘Blending different viewpoints and leveraging market-specific insights is the key to crafting effective global event solutions.’

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