Virtual gift ideas for webinars and trade fairs

Are you organising a webinar, and do you want to offer your attendees original virtual gifts? You are in the right place.

As it is relatively complex to stand out from the crowd during a trade fair or to build loyalty at an event, giving gifts has become the norm. While goodies (T-shirts, mugs, pens, key rings, caps, etc.) are still handy and attractive, virtual gifts are becoming increasingly popular.

In this article, we help you with a list of virtual gift ideas to offer during your event, whatever it is.


    1. Why give gifts to customers or potential customers?

    One of the traditional marketing tactics is still communication through corporate gifts.

    Even as the years go by, its effectiveness remains intact. By rewarding a customer, a potential customer, a sponsor or a supplier with a gift, you create a special and unique bond that reinforces many essential elements. Making a gift can allow you to:

    • Promote your brand.
    • Introduce a new product.
    • Increase sales by informing customers of an offer.
    • Improve your brand image.
    • Establish a stronger connection with the company’s existing customers.
    • Attract attention and leave a lasting impression (unlike emails, which are increasingly being ignored).

    2. Gifts, yes, but for whom?

    In a world of globalised competition, customers are less and less loyal to brands and companies. Therefore, they must constantly be given reasons to be so, and this can be done through the loyalty strategy, which can include gifts.

    Of course, offering gifts to all your customers is complex, especially for budgetary reasons. This requires careful categorisation and selection. For example, you can choose:

    • Your oldest customers.
    • Some potential strategic customers.
    • Former clients who no longer work with you

    3. On what occasions can you give virtual gifts?

    As part of your prospecting campaign

    As mentioned above, giving something as a gift may ultimately be more important than the actual price of the gift or the gift itself. The ultimate goal is the intention and the gesture towards your customer, who will feel special.

    If your prospecting campaign takes place at a trade fair, offering virtual gifts can help you stand out from other companies and will make it easier for you to stay in the customer’s mind.

    At an online event

    Are you organising a webinar, a live on social media or a virtual fair? Take the opportunity to offer a virtual business gift to your potential customers and partners.

    To liven up your social networks and attract more followers

    Organise regular contests with virtual and original prizes if you have a company whose clients are mostly individuals who follow you on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram…). This will attract more potential customers to your account and allow you to advertise your products and services at a lower cost.

    4. The best virtual gift ideas

    Here are some ideas for virtual gifts to give at your events:

    • Online gift cards: Offer a gift card to a well-known online shop, such as Amazon, Apple etc.
    • Subscriptions: Offer a subscription to an online service like Spotify or Netflix.
    • E-books: Give an ebook on a topic related to the event or the sector you work in that might interest your client.
    • Subscriptions to productivity tools: Offer temporary access to an online tool to improve productivity, such as Trello or Asana. You can also create collaborations with these tools.
    • Online training: You can also give away specific online training on innovative topics that interest your client professionally or personally (digital marketing, blockchain…).
    • Tickets for sporting and cultural events: Is your client a football fan? Give them a ticket to a match in their city. You can also opt for well-known shows or music concerts if your budget allows it.
    • Internal training services: Offer an online training service delivered by your own teams. It can be about a specific area of your services (digital marketing, SEO). This will allow you to invite your customers to your office and get closer to them.
    • Unique experiences: If your client is a wine lover, give them a visit to a winery or a wine tasting in their city as part of a special event (Christmas, 10th anniversary of working together…). It is an original gift that they will remember. You can also give away tickets to temporary and special exhibitions in your client’s city.

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