Track your refund requests with ease

To improve the management of refunds, we’ve updated the online ticketing tracking interface with new options for tracking attendees. From your organiser interface, you can now filter your attendees to show only those for whom ticket refunds have been requested.

How do I activate the filter?

To view the list of attendees who have requested a refund, or for those you’ve issued a refund request to, activate the dedicated filter by following the path:

  • ATTENDEES > Manage attendees > + Filter > Refund requests (out of the POS) > APPLY FILTERS

You can add additional filters to help you analyse this data even more precisely:

  • Start date, end date, filter by ticket type, filter by date.

More comprehensive exports

By clicking the ‘Download’ button on your ‘Manage attendees’ page you can now view 3 new columns on the export file:

  • Ticket status — paid for, reserved or deleted;
  • Date and time of the refund request;
  • Date and time of the ticket deletion.

What are the benefits of this new system?

This feature is aimed at all organisers who wish to:

  • Have a detailed record of refund requests — whether they were made by the organiser via the Weezevent interface or by attendees via a refund module;
  • Delete the tickets for which refund requests have been made in just one click — the ‘Refund requests (outside box office)’ filter can still be used after the tickets are deleted to track invalidated tickets;
  • Easily analyse the data for the purpose of a balance sheet or for an overview of refunds.

This update was made following feedback on the refund module and aims to make it easier for organisers to manage current refund requests. Our team remains available at all times for any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us via our various channels using this link:

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