Track your refund requests with ease

Track your refund requests with ease

To improve the man­age­ment of refunds, we’ve updat­ed the online tick­et­ing track­ing inter­face with new options for track­ing atten­dees. From your organ­is­er inter­face, you can now fil­ter your atten­dees to show only those for whom tick­et refunds have been request­ed.

How do I activate the filter?

To view the list of atten­dees who have request­ed a refund, or for those you’ve issued a refund request to, acti­vate the ded­i­cat­ed fil­ter by fol­low­ing the path:

  • ATTENDEES > Man­age atten­dees > + Fil­ter > Refund requests (out of the POS) > APPLY FILTERS

You can add addi­tion­al fil­ters to help you analyse this data even more pre­cise­ly:

  • Start date, end date, fil­ter by tick­et type, fil­ter by date.

More comprehensive exports

By click­ing the ‘Down­load’ but­ton on your ‘Man­age atten­dees’ page you can now view 3 new columns on the export file:

  • Tick­et sta­tus — paid for, reserved or delet­ed;
  • Date and time of the refund request;
  • Date and time of the tick­et dele­tion.

What are the benefits of this new system?

This fea­ture is aimed at all organ­is­ers who wish to:

  • Have a detailed record of refund requests — whether they were made by the organ­is­er via the Weezevent inter­face or by atten­dees via a refund mod­ule;
  • Delete the tick­ets for which refund requests have been made in just one click — the ‘Refund requests (out­side box office)’ fil­ter can still be used after the tick­ets are delet­ed to track inval­i­dat­ed tick­ets;
  • Eas­i­ly analyse the data for the pur­pose of a bal­ance sheet or for an overview of refunds.

This update was made fol­low­ing feed­back on the refund mod­ule and aims to make it eas­i­er for organ­is­ers to man­age cur­rent refund requests. Our team remains avail­able at all times for any ques­tions you might have. Feel free to con­tact us via our var­i­ous chan­nels using this link:

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