A tour of the world’s quirkiest festivals

A tour of the world’s quirkiest festivals

We are all familiar with music festivals. Hundreds, or thousands, of people are gathered in front of a stage waiting to watch famous – or not so famous – headliners perform. However, these gatherings are not limited to music and everyone can organise is own festival. Discover our top 6 of the quirkiest festivals, carefully selected by the team at l’Etudiant Voyageur.

England: Cheese Rolling Festival

Are you a cheese lover? This event is for you! The English invented a race that became, over the years, an iconic event held in the city of Brockworth. Participants literally race down a hill called Cooper’s Hill.

The goal is to be the first to catch up with the cheese wheel rolling from the top. Of course, all these jumps and rolls are not always good for your body condition …

Australia: MulletFest

As you may have guessed, the Australians have dedicated a festival to … the mullet! A staple of the country music scene, this 70’s hairstyle is all the rage down under.

The goal? Shining a light on the most beautiful cuts and bringing back in fashion this particular hairstyle. Love it or hate it – it’s your choice!

France: Red Love

To fight prejudice against redheads, Pascal Sacieux, a French photographer, decided to organize the Red Love Festival. For the first edition, nearly 1,000 people gathered in Brittany to attend the event.

The programme of the event included live music, entertainment and booths to restore the image of “carrot-tops”, a little too often criticised.

Italy: Festa del Cornuto

“Cornuto” means horn in Italian. This festival celebrates men who have been cheated on. It dates back to the time of the Roman Empire when soldiers went to war leaving their wives behind. Upon their return, they received as a gift a pair of horns.

A parade is organised and the men who were victims of infidelity can express their anger. They can, if they wish, destroy gifts from their other half. They are honoured and comforted.

Peru: Gastronómico del Gato Festival

This one is not for the weak hearted. A very strange party is organised in the South of Lima. Similar to the way the French force-feed geese to make foie gras for the holiday season, the inhabitants of the town of Cañete force-feed cats …

According to local belief, cat meat is an aphrodisiac and provides protection against lung diseases. Bronchitis or a cat steak? Your choice!

Thailand: Monkey Buffet Festival

No, you are not dreaming – the Thais have invented a festival just for monkeys. For the occasion, the 3,000 inhabitants of the city of Lopburi – that is to say exclusively chimpanzees – are invited to eat fruits and vegetables.

These goods have been generously offered by locals and tourists. If you are afraid of these small animals, you’d better flee the area.

There are all kinds of festivals around the globe. So, to avoid getting distracted during your travels: Discover all the practical information you need on l’Etudiant Voyageur.


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