Organising workshops and walks around perfume

Sophie, founder of Rendez-Vous Parfum, offers sensory workshops and walks so that participants can rediscover their sense of smell and the pleasures of perfume. As witnesses to her success, we interviewed her about organising these events and how she uses Weezevent

Hi Sophie! First of all, can you tell us about what led you to create Rendez-vous Parfum?

I worked in the perfume industry for several years and I absolutely loved it – the fun side of smelling, the power of our sensory memory, the emotions we feel, the place of perfume in our society and in the history of French luxury. I started this business in 2017 as an invitation to whoever wanted to know more about this magical and mysterious world – we are all quite happy to wear perfume but few people know how it is made, how to choose one or even how we can sharpen our sense of smell.

What are the formats you offer your participants?

Activities follow various formats: sensory walks in Paris or multi-sensory workshops. The walks are often booked by foreign tourists who don’t know where to find French-style perfumes outside of the mainstream brands but I also offer a walk for Parisians where I talk about the history and sociology of perfume. Multi-sensory workshops, for their part, are almost exclusively booked by companies looking for unique and sophisticated activities for their corporate events. For these events, I usually work with wine experts or musicians to create true sensory experiences.

Why did you choose Weezevent to manage your bookings?

Simplicity. It’s very easy! For instance, I need to offer several dates for the same activity and Weezevent is the most suitable solution allowing me to do that. The price is also very attractive. I love your concept! Thanks to you, I can also manage invoicing by myself. That makes a huge difference! If you hadn’t been there, it would have been a lot more complicated, or more expensive. For me, there is no comparison, Weezevent really is the best solution.

What is a feature that you can’t live without?

The feature I found best suited to my business is the sessions mode for the same day and muti-days. I only need to create the event once. That made a big difference for me! Before that, it took me so long to do it. Then I just set quotas per date. It’s very flexible. It’s great!

Any last words for our readers?

I will add new dates for my events soon, so anyone who wants to find out more can go to to book a walk in Paris and rediscover their sense of smell.

Thanks Sophie!

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