Organise trade shows: discussion with Saint-Hyacinte’s Agriculture Society

Meet Élodie Rochon-Jobin, responsible for technological projects and customer experience for Saint-Hyacinthe’s Agriculture Society. For a little over a year, we worked with Élodie and her team to provide support in the organization of their events. The Saint-Hyacinthe Agriculture Trade Show and Expochamps, both organized by Saint-Hyacinthe’s Agriculture Society, attract more than 30 000 visitors every year!

We met with Élodie to learn more about her experience with Weezevent.

What Weezevent solution(s) do you use for your events?

We use the WeezTicket sales and invitation platform. We also work with WeezAccess to control entries and the Arthur box office to sell physical tickets (iPad/thermal printer).

How do you use this solution?

We use Weezevent for two professional show type events where close to 300 companies present their products and solutions to close to 20 000 visitors. We are able to sell online and physical tickets. With Weezevent, we can also control access to our events and manage visitors.

How does this solution simplify your operations on a daily basis?

The investment of time to build our Weezevent box office is worth it for our tickets sales, but also for all of our operations. With the great amount of data that we are able to collect on attendance and visitor behaviour, we are able to assess if our planning is convenient, if the entry points are well disposed and it the employees scheduling is optimal.

What are the consequences for your events?

Weezevent helps us maintaining a constant improvement of our business processes. We also noticed an increase in our brand notoriety against other similar events across our territory and an increase in our presence on social media, thanks to online sales.

How would you qualify your event logistics now that you use WeezAccess?

In comparison with our previous technique, it feels like day and night. The solution is easy to use and very effective. It allows us to know the exact number of attendees with only a few clicks.

What are some positives consequences on your events that come from using WeezAccess?

It’s a mix of many factors that show how WeezAccess has a positive influence on access to our grounds. The most important consequence, which we will measure in a few years, is how online selling has helped us to have greater control of our entries. As of today, a positive effect is the amount of data we are able to have which is phenomenal. These scanners are a gold mine of data.

Would you recommend this solution to another event organizer? Why?

I recommend Weezevent to every organizer, no matter the size of your event. The services are suitable for different client’s needs and realities. The Weezevent team is proactive and reacts quickly to every situation. In the event industry, we wish to offer the best experience to our clients and Weezevent helps us to do just that. It is important for us to work with a company who wishes to understand our reality to offer us the best solution. It is always a pleasure to work with the Weezevent team!

Expochamps, Saint-Hyacinthe’s Agriculture Society’s next event will take place from August 27th to August 29th 2019. For more information, follow this link. If you wish to learn more about constant evolution in agriculture technologies, you can follow this other link.

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