Christmas is coming: reward your attendees’ loyalty!

The festive period is often a byword for generosity. In this article, we propose 3 ideas you can use to reward your attendees, end the year on a positive note in their minds, and potentially boost your revenue all at once.


    1. Special ‘festive period’ price

    The end of the year is fast approaching. Are you looking to create a special price for the occasion?

    The Weezevent ticketing system allows you to set up a temporary price in just a few clicks. To do this, go to your organiser interface and choose the event that will have this special price.

    Then, add a new price for your event via the tab Configure > Ticket types and selling.

    To set the validity period for this new price, select a start date and an end date.

    Tip: We advise you to choose an explicit and clear price title which your attendees will easily understand.

    All you have to do now is communicate this special price through a newsletter or your social networks, for example. Feel free to add your end-of-year wishes for a better effect!

    2. A promo code for your most loyal attendees

    In just three steps, create a promo code and send it to the people you’d like to reward for their loyalty!

    1. Identify your most loyal attendees

    Select your most loyal attendees according to your own criteria: number of times they’ve come to your events, average basket, categories of tickets purchased, and so on.

    Once you’ve identified the attendees, add them to this Excel file, which you can import into the WeezTarget CRM (Tools > Imports > Import a contact list).

    Tip: Create a group with a clear name so you can identify them easily and monitor your future campaign’s statistics.

    2. Create your promotion code

    Next, generate a list of promotion codes via your WeezTicket ticketing interface. Discover the steps to take in this article from our online help section.

    3. Create your mailing campaign

    Import your promo codes into WeezTarget by clicking on Tools > Discount Codes.

    Create an email campaign and name it (as an example) ‘Festive Season Promo Code’, with the previously created group as recipients.

    When you are creating your campaign, in the second step, the Conception tab, activate the feature ‘Pair a discount code to each contact’ and select the list you’ve already imported.

    3. Organise a competition

    To promote your events in a positive way, you can organise a competition on social networks. The choice of prize is up to you, but as an example, you can offer a ticket for your next event, VIP access, or an exclusive discount code.
    Setting simple conditions for participation, such as following your social networks and sharing your competition post, will help you reach a wider audience and grow your community.

    To find out more about promoting your events on social networks, discover our blog post: 5 Social Media Strategies to Help Promote Your Next Event.

    Whatever way you’d like to reward your attendees, we can help you set it up! Feel free to ask our customer service to support you.

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