On tour with Weezevent – Episode #1 – Let’s go!

On tour with Weezevent – Episode #1 – Let’s go!

Summer at Weezevent is a hive of activity. With a new season marked by over 500 major events in 12 countries, the teams are at the starting line. This series is dedicated to their testimonies, which will take you behind the scenes of this exciting period.

Through the corridors of our offices in England, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium, our project managers are in full swing. Some have already completed their first event of the season and are now focused on the next ones, while others are finalising preparations for their first summer mission.

Dive with us into the heart of a thrilling start to the season, through the stories and emotions of some of our 70 project managers, all ready to tackle the challenges of this intense summer ahead!


    Thorough preparation: the key to a successful event

    Since January, our teams have been preparing for summer events. Months of planning and meetings with our clients have led to this moment. The summer season finally begins, and all these plans will face the ultimate test: live execution.

    “Significant milestones mark our role as project managers for large events. In January, the process starts. New project managers join us, and training sessions begin to upskill for the summer. Then, from May onwards, the high season kicks off, and we operate at 200% for four months!” – Clara, project manager in France who supported the Cercle Festival at Le Bourget this past weekend.

    As each event approaches, the frequency of meetings intensifies. Monthly meetings become bi-weekly, then weekly, demonstrating our teams’ commitment alongside the organisers.

    “We don’t just provide tools; we also share our experience and expertise to enhance the overall experience for organisers and participants. This support is what sets us apart from the competition!” explains Félicien, project manager in Belgium, who has just started his season with the centennial festival of the Cardinal Mercier College.

    weezevent at cercle 2024
    Cercle Festival – Le Bourget – France – 25-26 May 2024

    Meeting the expectations and requirements of organisers

    Unlike recurring events throughout the year, summer brings about unique and large-scale event projects, such as festivals, which involve extremely high expectations from organisers. Their goal? To provide a flawless experience for several thousand participants. At Weezevent, we base our approach on active listening and anticipating the needs of our clients. Every detail is considered, and every solution is customised to ensure an optimal experience. We understand that satisfaction relies on our ability to offer robust and suitable technological solutions and be a true support on the ground.

    “Preparation is essential for us, as it determines the success of each event. It’s important to remember that everything anticipated and discussed in advance cannot be a problem on the day of the event.” – Rudolf, project manager in Germany, started his season in April with the Snowbombing festival in Austria.

    Snowbombing – Austria – 8-13 April 2024

    The challenges of the launch and the importance of teamwork

    The first weeks of the high season are often the most demanding. Event technology can only be tested in real-world conditions, and unforeseen situations may arise. Handling these effectively and calmly is essential to ensuring the smooth running of events!

    “The first major events are the ones that make us experience all the colours of the rainbow. We start incredibly stressed when the doors open and end in near euphoria when the event goes well.” – Edouard, project manager in France.

    Solidarity and mutual support within the teams also play crucial roles in managing challenges. Team cohesion is a major asset that allows us to maintain a high level of performance, even under pressure.

    “We exchange a lot between project managers from different countries, particularly about the configurations of our solutions. Each country and event has its specifics, so the approach to the project is not the same. We learn a lot!” says Clara, project manager in France, who has been with Weezevent since 2018.

    “The great thing is that it’s very easy to bond with our colleagues. We all share a passion for events and inevitably share similar stories, even if we come from different countries!” – Andrès, project manager in Spain, for whom the “high season” has a slightly different rhythm, as he also supports some festivals in Latin America from September to March.

    Lollapalooza – Chile – 15-17 March 2024
    Lollapalooza Chile – 15-17 March 2024

    What lies ahead?

    As the second weekend of the high season comes to a close, optimism and enthusiasm for the weeks ahead are palpable. The next stages of the season look promising, with numerous events such as We Love Green and Hellfest in France, Graspop in Belgium, Fullforce in Germany, O Son de Camiño in Spain, and the Summerside Festival in Switzerland.

    “All long journeys begin with the first steps! Each year, for project managers, this journey starts with our first event of the season. Then, the process is in full swing, and we support dozens of major events every weekend until September!” – Rudolf, project manager in Germany.

    Throughout the summer, come celebrate the successes and share the highlights of this high event season through our blog articles and by following us on our social media channels LinkedIn and Instagram!

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