Weezevent’s 2024 Summer Tour starts now!

Weezevent is hitting the road again!

All summer long, our teams will take you on an adventure to the heart of the biggest European events.

Our solutions support tens of thousands of event organisers year-round. But for 500 of them, their work comes to fruition during this season! That’s why our 70 dedicated project managers hit the road and ensure the on-site deployment of our ticketing, access control, cashless, and staff management solutions.

From May to September, we’ll take you to every corner of Europe to discover the behind-the-scenes action at the biggest events and the Weezevent heroes who contribute to their success! Through a series of featured profiles on our blog, you’ll get to know their missions, challenges, and achievements. This is our chance to show you how Weezevent’s international scope translates into the daily work of our teams.

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In addition to the interviews on our blog, you’ll find plenty of exclusive content on our social media. Like a travel diary, we’ll share reports from this lively season!

🌍 12 countries visited
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 70 project managers, accompanied by hundreds of seasonal workers
📱 15,000 mobile terminals deployed
📊 Statistics on our ticketing and cashless activities
📸 Photos and videos of our services at the summer’s key events

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