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Testimonial: ‘@lappartchezmoi’ – fun virtual parties despite the lockdown

Our attention was caught by the surprising, fun and attractive parties organised by @lappartchezmoi ("L’appartement chez moi", French for ‘The flat at my place’). In March 2020, Axel Bonnichon launched this idea for parties with friends, and it soon reached unpredicted popularity. As the manager of an events communication agency, he tells us how everything came about and provides 5 useful tips for event organisers of all kinds.

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Organising a party in an unusual location

Il n’est pas toujours simple d’être original lorsqu’on organise une fête ! On peut l’être par le thème choisi, mais ce n’est pas forcément simple de trouver une idée avant-gardiste. En parallèle, un moyen qui permet de rendre une fête originale est sa tête d’affiche : DJ, groupe de musique, influenceur ou personnalité locale… mais l’élément clé pour organiser une fête mémorable est son lieu !

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10 tips to organise the best student party

Student parties and organising them require specific planning. Using online tools is a good way to adapt to student’s habits. As an online ticketing platform, we have supported organisers of student parties for over 10 years and have retained their best practices.

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Find THE theme for your next party

Theme parties are a must for any event planners. Even if themes and concepts evolve with the trends over the years, themed parties are timeless! It is up to you to master all aspects of it to plan an unforgettable party for your guests. Here are some tips to find the right theme for you, and to pursue all your ideas!

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