How to organise entertainment for a campsite in 10 steps?

How to organise entertainment for a campsite in 10 steps?

To make your camp­site a live­ly and enjoy­able place for your campers, you need to be organ­ised and cre­ative when plan­ning the enter­tain­ment activ­i­ties so that all campers are at ease. From the choice of meals to the activ­i­ties, the theme of the evenings, the sea­son and the weath­er, there are many ele­ments to con­sid­er to offer the best enter­tain­ment on your camp­site. You should also remem­ber that a camp­site brings togeth­er peo­ple of dif­fer­ent ages. There­fore, you must organ­ise activ­i­ties for chil­dren, young peo­ple, adults and seniors. Offer­ing a unique expe­ri­ence will be essen­tial to dis­tin­guish your­self from the com­pe­ti­tion and to build and main­tain a rep­u­ta­tion.

To help you make your camp­site’s enter­tain­ment activ­i­ties a suc­cess, dis­cov­er this non-exhaus­tive list of key ele­ments:


    1. Define your goals

    As with any event, it is essen­tial to care­ful­ly plan the objec­tives for organ­is­ing your enter­tain­ment activ­i­ties.

    Do you want to enter­tain campers, intro­duce your camp­site on the first night, reward some of your most loy­al staff and campers or increase food and bev­er­age sales?

    2. Tailor the entertainment to the audience

    Define your campers’ pro­file, ages, ori­gins, and inter­ests and adapt the activ­i­ties accord­ing­ly. A day­time sport­ing activ­i­ty may not suit old­er peo­ple, just as spend­ing an after­noon play­ing cards may not fit younger peo­ple. Estab­lish a clear and detailed agen­da for each camper cat­e­go­ry and its activ­i­ties.

    3. Communicate entertainment activities to campers

    Ensure all campers know the activ­i­ties and timeta­bles for the whole week. Use dif­fer­ent com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nels such as social media, emails, posters, newslet­ters, your web­site or even voice announce­ments with­in the camp­site.

    Don’t for­get to adapt your com­mu­ni­ca­tion to the dif­fer­ent camper cat­e­gories. Old­er peo­ple will find it more dif­fi­cult to access your web­site or social media to learn about upcom­ing events. For exam­ple, you can hand­out the week­ly activ­i­ty pro­grammes upon the campers’ arrival.

    4. Diversify activities

    Offer a vari­ety of activ­i­ties to suit the pref­er­ences of all campers, such as sports, cul­tur­al activ­i­ties, music, etc.

    Also, do not offer repet­i­tive or sim­i­lar events in the same week. Try to vary and offer diverse and orig­i­nal activ­i­ties.

    Entertainment ideas for a campsite

    Here is a list of pos­si­ble orig­i­nal enter­tain­ment activ­i­ties for all cat­e­gories of campers and all bud­gets:

    • Sports tour­na­ment: Organ­ise a sports tour­na­ment for campers, with prizes for the win­ners.
    • Bar­be­cue night: Espe­cial­ly in the sum­mer, bar­be­cues are often an excel­lent time for campers to inter­act with each oth­er.
    • Cook­ing work­shops: Bring a chef to lead cook­ing work­shops and teach campers how to pre­pare local or orig­i­nal dish­es.
    • Hik­ing: Organ­ise guid­ed walks in the sur­round­ing area to dis­cov­er the local land­scape.
    • Fish­ing com­pe­ti­tion: Organ­ise a fish­ing com­pe­ti­tion for campers, with prizes for the biggest fish caught.
    • Open-air cin­e­ma night: Screen a film on a giant out­door screen for campers.
    • Cre­ative work­shops: Organ­ise work­shops for chil­dren to learn how to cre­ate objects with nat­ur­al mate­ri­als.
    • Karaoke night: Rent a karaoke machine and throw a par­ty for campers who want to per­form in front of oth­ers.
    • Yoga or med­i­ta­tion: Bring a teacher to give yoga or med­i­ta­tion class­es to campers who want to relax.
    • Indi­vid­ual or group sports ses­sions: Organ­ise ses­sions with sports train­ers (fit­ness, ten­nis, swim­ming, aqua bike, etc.)
    • Role-play­ing games: Organ­ise a board game night for the campers, and pos­si­bly role-play­ing games for more inter­ac­tion.

    5. Plan activities with your budget in mind

    Because not every­one can afford the best DJ in the area, or the most famous artists, adapt your activ­i­ties to your bud­get. Esti­mate month­ly resources based on book­ings and aver­age sea­son­al expen­di­ture on ancil­lary ser­vices (food, bev­er­ages…) and adjusts activ­i­ties and costs accord­ing­ly.

    6. Catering service

    If you offer evening activ­i­ties, make sure you offer ade­quate, but above all, orig­i­nal and, why not, themed food options. Although often neglect­ed, cater­ing ser­vices are part of enter­tain­ment activ­i­ties. For exam­ple, offer meals based on spe­cif­ic culi­nary tra­di­tions (Mex­i­co and chilli con carne, Span­ish pael­la, piz­za night…). Add music to match the theme for guar­an­teed immer­sion.

    Final­ly, opt for cash­less pay­ment solu­tions for ancil­lary cater­ing ser­vices (food trucks, etc.) and sim­pli­fy man­age­ment for you and your campers!

    7. Pay attention to security

    Ensure that activ­i­ties are organ­ised safe­ly and that atten­dees are informed of safe­ty instruc­tions.

    8. Get the appropriate material and equipment

    Before each activ­i­ty, ensure you have all the nec­es­sary equip­ment: balls, rack­ets, chairs, tables, speak­ers, etc. Also, ensure that you have suf­fi­cient staff and that they can super­vise these activ­i­ties safe­ly.

    9. Create partnerships

    Con­sid­er part­ner­ships with oth­er local busi­ness­es or organ­i­sa­tions to organ­ise activ­i­ties or get spon­sor­ship for mate­ri­als, gifts, etc. This can help you reduce costs and attract more atten­dees while sup­port­ing local com­merce.

    10. Offer an online registration service

    To facil­i­tate reg­is­tra­tion and the organ­i­sa­tion of enter­tain­ment activ­i­ties (often with lim­it­ed space), offer an online reg­is­tra­tion ser­vice so that campers can plan and reg­is­ter for the activ­i­ties they or their chil­dren like best.

    Weezevent helps you eas­i­ly organ­ise your camp­ing ani­ma­tions thanks to its online reg­is­tra­tion sys­tem and cash­less pay­ment solu­tion.

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