CRM dedicated to sports events and clubs

Discover the CRM solution that simplifies marketing and communications for clubs, gyms and organisers of tournaments, competitions and races. Manage all your data in one click to build loyalty among your supporters and boost your revenue.

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The marketing solution for sports events and clubs.

With our marketing solution for sports events, create and send targeted messages to your spectators and supporters with ease. Emails, social networks, SMS, push notifications… It’s never been easier to maintain a close relationship with your audiences!

  • Fast

    Reduce the time spent on communication campaigns.

  • Reliable

    No more import/export errors. All your data is centralised.

  • Secure

    Your data is protected and you are its sole owner.

Spectacular action, on the field and in your CRM.

Easily communicate and interact with your audiences at each moment of your sports events with WeezTarget’s comprehensive features:

  • Real-time update of your data on ticketing, access control and cashless payment.
  • Automation of messages aimed at building loyalty.
  • Results monitoring through intuitive dashboards.
  • Automatic syncing of each supporter’s profiles.
  • Personalisation of all your marketing messages.
  • Import of data and multi-criteria segmentation.
  • Monitoring of revenue generated by campaign.
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  • Landing – EN-CA – Solution CRM pour événements sportifs

    Record-breaking ticket sales.

    Schedule special offers with precise and relevant management of segments, including the most loyal fans, supporters losing interest, and young audiences. Become more efficient by targeting groups of contacts that are updated according to their behaviours. Aim for the bullseye and smash your targets!

  • Landing – EN-CA – Solution CRM pour événements sportifs

    Measure the performance of all your communications.

    Monitor the performance of all your campaigns and of your overall activity with dashboards dedicated to analytics. View your statistics in real time and quickly identify your most effective actions in order to determine which marketing campaigns you should design to correct the situation or stay the course.

Connect your solutions and coordinate your movements.

Our CRM solution for sports events and clubs is directly connected to your ticketing, access control and cashless payment solutions.

Find all information on your contacts, including ticket order history, access to your venue, and purchases at refreshment outlets. Improve the welcome they receive when entering your stadium, gymnasium, racetrack, circuit or ice rink, as well as in the stands, terraces and boxes. Turn each moment of your sports event into a highlight!

Protect your best asset: your data.

For standard campaigns as well as for automated scenarios, all your data and that of your attendees is protected. WeezTarget is a software that complies with EU data protection regulations (GDPR).

Landing – EN-CA – Solution CRM pour événements sportifs

A marketing tool for better understanding your audience profiles.

Organise your contacts through data obtained automatically from your events. Contacts are automatically updated and merged on a single attendee form if they are recognised as identical. Find each attendee’s history and activity in one click via their form!

Landing – EN-CA – Solution CRM pour événements sportifs
  • Landing – EN-CA – Solution CRM pour événements sportifs

    Thrill your supporters with unique experiences.

    Communicate with your audiences on their favourite communication channels, including email, social networks, SMS and mobile notifications. Optimise each attendee’s path and develop your sales by personalising each message. Send messages that will please your audiences. Maintain the relationship in order to build and reward each attendee’s loyalty!

  • Landing – EN-CA – Solution CRM pour événements sportifs

    Communication that conveys your image loud and clear.

    Easily create campaigns that reflect your club’s or organisation’s image with our message editor, which is suitable for all skill levels. Personalise the content as well as the form…They automatically adapt to all screen sizes. Integrate dynamic elements such as surnames, first names, recipient actions, and more.

Attract new sponsors and partners!

Attract sponsors and partners looking for new customers. Take advantage of a database that is relevant and regularly updated in order to create effective joint communication campaigns.

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  • View your statistics in real time
  • Boost your sales
  • Optimise your communication campaigns

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