Our work during the coronavirus lockdown

Our work during the coronavirus lockdown

The impact of coronavirus has been devastating to the live events industry. Here are some of the ways Weezevent has helped events cope with the pandemic.

Postponements and cancellations

💰 We built a dedicated refund module in just 3 days…

This module allowed organisers to manage the refunding of tickets for their events themselves.

🙂 No vouchers, no long wait for ticket refunds…

After receiving approval for a refund by the event organiser, customers were refunded their ticket monies in an average of 3 days. There was no long delay or issuing of vouchers as an alternative.

🆓 We waived all refund fees…

To support our clients we didn’t charge any refund fees which are normally due for ticket refunds.

💌 Our new CRM tool, WeezTarget, has been used for free by those having to issue multiple refunds…

Over 130,000 emails were sent out using our newly developed CRM and marketing tool – WeezTarget. A simple yet highly effective solution has enabled effective communication between organisers and their customers in a time when staying in touch has been very important.

Working alongside our clients

💡 Advice regarding cancellations, postponements and refunds have been covered in our blog.

More than 25,000 people followed our blog with articles dedicated to advice, tips and shared experiences from event organisers during the pandemic.

📱 A new terminal allowing for cashless and contactless payments.

Despite the turmoil we have continued to innovate and work on new products. Our latest offering improves flexibility and offers a more varied customer experience by way of a unique hybrid device that accepts both cashless and contactless payments.

🇨🇦 We deliver support that is most effective for you.

The Weezevent team in Canada is based in Montreal providing clients with local support 100% of the time throughout the pandemic.

💙 Get in touch.

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