Our work during the coronavirus lockdown

Our work during the coronavirus lockdown

The impact of coro­n­avirus has been dev­as­tat­ing to the live events indus­try. Here are some of the ways Weezevent has helped events cope with the pan­dem­ic.

Postponements and cancellations

💰 We built a dedicated refund module in just 3 days…

This mod­ule allowed organ­is­ers to man­age the refund­ing of tick­ets for their events them­selves.

🙂 No vouchers, no long wait for ticket refunds…

After receiv­ing approval for a refund by the event organ­is­er, cus­tomers were refund­ed their tick­et monies in an aver­age of 3 days. There was no long delay or issu­ing of vouch­ers as an alter­na­tive.

🆓 We waived all refund fees…

To sup­port our clients we didn’t charge any refund fees which are nor­mal­ly due for tick­et refunds.

💌 Our new CRM tool, WeezTarget, has been used for free by those having to issue multiple refunds…

Over 130,000 emails were sent out using our new­ly devel­oped CRM and mar­ket­ing tool — Weez­Tar­get. A sim­ple yet high­ly effec­tive solu­tion has enabled effec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion between organ­is­ers and their cus­tomers in a time when stay­ing in touch has been very impor­tant.

Working alongside our clients

💡 Advice regarding cancellations, postponements and refunds have been covered in our blog.

More than 25,000 peo­ple fol­lowed our blog with arti­cles ded­i­cat­ed to advice, tips and shared expe­ri­ences from event organ­is­ers dur­ing the pan­dem­ic.

📱 A new terminal allowing for cashless and contactless payments.

Despite the tur­moil we have con­tin­ued to inno­vate and work on new prod­ucts. Our lat­est offer­ing improves flex­i­bil­i­ty and offers a more var­ied cus­tomer expe­ri­ence by way of a unique hybrid device that accepts both cash­less and con­tact­less pay­ments.

🇨🇦 We deliver support that is most effective for you.

The Weezevent team in Cana­da is based in Mon­tre­al pro­vid­ing clients with local sup­port 100% of the time through­out the pan­dem­ic.

💙 Get in touch.

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