9 steps to make your housewarming party a success

9 steps to make your housewarming party a success

A house­warm­ing par­ty is a way to cel­e­brate mov­ing into your new home. How­ev­er, organ­is­ing it requires some prepa­ra­tion and can be time-con­sum­ing. Don’t pan­ic; we are here to help! Man­age the guests accord­ing to the space avail­able, set the date, pre­pare the food and drinks…

Here are all the essen­tial steps to plan a house­warm­ing par­ty with friends or fam­i­ly:


    1. Set the date and time

    First, set a date that suits most guests, such as a week­end or an evening by the end of the week.

    Plan well in advance so that they can reserve the date. As house­warm­ing par­ties usu­al­ly take place in the evening, start ear­ly to make time for all guests to arrive.

    2. Send invitations

    Of course, this will depend on the space avail­able in your new home. Define in advance the max­i­mum num­ber of peo­ple you can host, then list the peo­ple you want to invite.

    To be more orig­i­nal than a sim­ple What­sApp or group con­ver­sa­tion, send an invi­ta­tion by mail to your guests. It will make a last­ing impres­sion!

    You can also choose to use an online reg­is­tra­tion solu­tion to find out who will attend your house­warm­ing par­ty.

    3. Prepare the food

    Serve sim­ple snacks and drinks. Be aware of pos­si­ble dietary restric­tions; hav­ing veg­e­tar­i­an and gluten-free alter­na­tives is always a good idea to sat­is­fy your guests.

    It is not nec­es­sary to offer sophis­ti­cat­ed and copi­ous dish­es; opt­ing for a var­ied, orig­i­nal and casu­al buf­fet is bet­ter. If you don’t have time to plan every­thing, you can also use a cater­ing ser­vice.

    Here are some orig­i­nal ideas for your house­warm­ing buf­fet:

    All kinds of appe­tis­ers (salmon toasts, bruschet­tas, shrimp cock­tails, etc.).
    Crunchy veg­eta­bles with dip sauces (gua­camole, hum­mus, etc.)
    Chips and savoury snacks
    ● Home­made creams
    A cake spe­cial­ly pre­pared for the occa­sion
    ● Etc.

    4. Buy drinks

    The choice of drinks is as impor­tant as the food when organ­is­ing a house­warm­ing par­ty.

    Exam­ine your guest list and decide what drinks to offer based on their tastes. Include non-alco­holic options, such as juices or soft drinks. If alco­hol is served, offer a selec­tion of drinks, such as two or three dif­fer­ent types of beer, red and white wine, and spir­its.

    For a more orig­i­nal option, con­sid­er prepar­ing a cock­tail or san­gria. A home­made cock­tail (with or with­out alco­hol) is always a good idea. Bet­ter yet, invite some friends in advance to pre­pare it with you. Final­ly, ensure that fresh water is also avail­able.

    5. Plan games

    Games are often used to liv­en up the atmos­phere, to involve even the most reserved guests and, above all, to avoid bore­dom.

    Plan activ­i­ties that include every­one: Twister, karaoke, card games and beer pong. Be cre­ative!

    6. Don’t get overwhelmed with decoration

    A house­warm­ing par­ty does­n’t real­ly need any dec­o­ra­tions, but you can add some spe­cial touch­es.

    For exam­ple, guests can find out from the street where your new home is if you attach bal­loons to the front door or if you put a fes­tive wel­come sign on the door. Inside your home, you can place flower arrange­ments, bal­loons or lights.

    7. Show your new home to your guests

    A house­warm­ing par­ty is also planned to show your new home to the guests.

    To make it more per­son­al, give your guests a tour of your new home as they arrive rather than when they have all arrived. This will allow them to have some time with you and see and enjoy the vis­it bet­ter.

    8. Play music and plan some entertainment

    At a house­warm­ing par­ty, every­one likes to dance to good music.

    So don’t for­get to pre­pare a playlist and use good qual­i­ty speak­ers, con­trol­ling the vol­ume. To please every­one, try to mix styles, from the 2000s to dis­co, and pre­pare a var­ied playlist!

    9. Inform your neighbours in advance

    Don’t for­get to inform your neigh­bours in advance to avoid a vis­it from the police at 1 a.m. because the music is too loud. At the same time, this allows you to intro­duce your­self as a new­com­er to the neigh­bour­hood or the build­ing.

    Don’t be afraid to approach them direct­ly to let them know you are organ­is­ing a small par­ty to cel­e­brate your arrival. Even bet­ter: invite them for a drink that evening! There is noth­ing like build­ing pos­i­tive rela­tion­ships with neigh­bours when you arrive.

    Effi­cient­ly man­age the num­ber of atten­dees at your house­warm­ing par­ty with online reg­is­tra­tion solu­tions!

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