Top 10 entertainment activities for your annual convention

Do you want to organise a company convention to gather your employees, share a unique moment outside of work, and relax with them, but do not know what activities to plan? How to plan original activities that everyone can enjoy? Is it better sports, festive or literary activities?

Don’t panic; we have prepared a detailed list of the best entertainment activities for your convention for all budgets and all tastes:


    1. Role-playing games

    If you want to keep it professional and collaborative, there is nothing better than an interactive team activity!

    Divide attendees into small groups and propose role-playing games with original, diverse and varied situations. The latter have to emphasise specific skills and use particular communication techniques, such as active listening, clear presentation and conflict management. Once the role plays are finished, have professional trainers or their peers evaluate them so that they receive constructive feedback on their performance.

    2. Creativity workshops

    Employees can stimulate their creativity by using techniques such as brainstorming, design thinking and quick prototyping to find innovative solutions to a given challenge.

    For professions such as marketing, communication, management or risk management, for example, it is a very effective activity and is usually very popular.

    3. Visits to companies

    Plan a visit to a company (in your same industry or another) to learn about its facilities, ways of production, good management practices, marketing, regulations… This will also allow your employees to meet with the company’s employees to ask them questions and exchange ideas about common industry challenges.

    Here are some ideas of industries in which it may make sense and would be interesting to visit companies:

    • Agri-food industry
    • Textile
    • Industry (plastics, metallurgy, etc.)
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Perfume industry
    • Oenology
    • Etc.

    4. Meditation sessions

    Teach your employees to concentrate better and manage stress by practising guided group meditation. You can hire experts and qualified professionals in one or two-hour sessions.

    5. Escape room

    It has become one of the most common activities at conventions or during team building activities, the escape room game! Your employees can work as a team to solve complex puzzles in a limited time to be able to leave the room they are locked in. Puzzles can be designed to develop collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and team decision-making.

    6. Sports activities

    For the more sporty ones, plan sports such as climbing, canyoning or kayaking. Also, think of atypical sports such as paintball, laser games or even Bubble Football. Sports are usually practised as a team, reinforcing the group’s bonds. Finally, you can also opt for little-practised sports, such as golf or caving.

    7. Exotic getaways

    To give your employees fresh air during your company convention, offer them a getaway to an original and exotic place. Castles, manor houses, medieval fortresses and abbeys are examples of original sites that you can show your team.

    In addition, add to these visits and getaways original activities such as local products tastings, shows, role plays etc. Of course, you will have to book the place for this getaway in advance.

    8. Culinary experiences

    Make your employees travel with a culinary experience! Your employees can get to know a city and its surroundings better during a gastronomic trip, which is a great way to spend a pleasant and original team moment.

    Book your experience with a local producer or company specialised in tasting regional products in advance and offer your team a gastronomic excursion in a good atmosphere.

    9. Oenology course

    Wine-related activities are very popular!

    You can arrange a wine tasting in your city or visit a nearby winery (or local restaurant). A qualified sommelier who can explain the tasting notes of each bottle to your team should be in charge of organising these activities.

    This also works with beers; You can arrange a similar meeting with a zythologist, who is the beer sommelier.

    10. Virtual reality activities

    Virtual reality (VR) is a new form of entertainment for corporate conventions. Due to this activity’s huge success, many VR centres have emerged. Of course, these centres are available for private events such as company conventions and offer your employees a new and original experience. For example, you can choose a theme and do this team activity in an immersive space!

    Do you need help organising your business convention? Weezevent helps you step by step with its simple and fast solutions!

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