5 content creation marketing ideas for engaging events

5 content creation marketing ideas for engaging events

Content marketing is all about the creation and sharing of visual, audio, and written media for your audience. Sharing compelling original content allows you to educate and inspire, spread the word about your brand, product, and services, and perhaps even go ‘viral’ if your content really resonates!

According to HubSpot 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing, while 24% of marketers plan on further increasing their investment. Yet despite the buzz around the undoubted success of content marketing, there is one key sector that hasn’t quite come to terms with it just yet—the event industry.

Implementing a content marketing strategy can bring a new dynamism to your event, as well as creating a buzz and sense of community that can really extend its lasting impact. In this article, we’re going to check out the various ways that you can use and create content at your events, so you can get the maximum value out of all your hard work and preparations.

Ready? Let’s jump straight into it!


    1. Harness the power of social media
    2. Create engaging videos
    3. Write articles based on the outcomes of your event
    4. Use event photos as content
    5. Create podcast episodes from your event
    6. Wrap up

1. Harness the power of social media

You can live-stream your event to gain a much greater reach. Participants can also live-Tweet their thoughts and questions for a truly interactive experience. Include the following in your social media feeds:

  • Event insights: Share the most interesting and revealing statistics and facts from the various speakers at your event. Twitter is often the best channel for these kinds of live updates, don’t forget to add your hashtags!
  • Add statistics and infographics: Attractive and interesting infographics can boost the engagement and reach of your posts, so with the permission of your speakers you can share statistics and infographics from their presentations.
  • Share inspiring quotes: Little nuggets of wisdom from your speakers in the form of quotes are extremely shareable and neatly summarize the best points and opinions found in your event. Keep a pen or recording handy and listen for outstanding quotes throughout the event—and don’t forget to get the speaker’s permission!
  • Leverage influencers: Marketing influencers can help you promote your event if it makes sense for their audience. Usually, the only thing you’ll need to do is offer them free entry and any free swag you might have.
  • Share your attendees’ updates: Your attendees’ posts are a great source of insights and ideas as they share their own opinions on what they’ve discovered at your event. Share their views, and thank them for their contributions, they are sure to appreciate the recognition.

2. Create engaging videos

According to HubSpot, video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing, overtaking blogs and infographics. Make the most of this popular and easily-sharable format with videos like:

  • Interviews with attendees and speakers: Ask your attendees of their impressions of the event, things they’ve learned, favorite speakers, opinions on key issues, and more. You can also get your speakers to give their thoughts on the topics discussed during the event and create short, engaging videos based on these interviews.
  • Create videos based on industry predictions: While you have access to key industry players at your event, ask them to give their industry trend predictions for the year ahead. Predictions and forecasts are extremely popular and widely shared, so these videos are an excellent way to get your event firmly in the spotlight.
  • Time-lapse videos: These are a great way to condense the busy activity of your event into a short, easily-sharable video.
  • Behind-the-scenes: Show the human side of your event by sharing the preparations and behind-the-scenes fun that went into making it.

3. Write articles based on the outcomes of your event

With 89% of content marketers using blog posts in their content creation strategy, it’s clear that the good old-fashioned written word isn’t going anywhere. Your event can provide the inspiration for a whole raft of articles, including things like:

  • Guest articles: Invite your attendees and speakers to share their stories from the event, giving them the space to expand on key topics of interest, share their expertise, or simply give an overview of new industry developments.
  • Share your own story: Give insights into the challenges of running an event, the outcomes, the new people you met, or any other personal observations. Your audience will appreciate the human, behind-the-scenes addition to the slick, professional presentation of the event itself.
  • Create bios of your speakers: Share the professional background of your speakers, including education, work experience, and interesting stories. This is extra visibility for them, and great content for you!
  • Q&A: Prepare an article based on the Q&A session at the end of your event, providing the answers to questions raised by the audience. Speakers can also use these articles to expand on points that they didn’t have time to address during the event itself.

4. Use event photos as content

Photos are perfect content for your social media feeds, and people love to relive the moment and find themselves in them. Encourage your attendees to take photos and share them with a hashtag of your choice, and use them for things like:

  • Photo collages: It’s easy to create a collage of the best photos from your event. Check out these free collage makers for ideas on how to get started.
  • Selfie collection: Events are ideal places to meet inspirational figures, industry heroes, or just old friends and colleagues. Share these happy moments and watch your social media engagement go through the roof!
  • Have an official photographer: A professional photographer is a good investment, as they can capture the essence of your event with both candid and staged photos. Share these photos widely on social media and use them in your articles.
  • Pre-event pics: Build up the excitement to your event by sharing photos of preparations, people arriving, drinks, etc.

5. Create podcast episodes from your event

According to Edison Research, more than one-third of Americans age 12 and over (104 Million) are now consuming podcasts regularly. That’s a huge potential audience! Anyone can create a podcast with minimal technical expertise, and they can become an excellent way to connect with your audience. Your event can inspire one or more podcast episodes with things like:

  • Presentations: A full recording of one of your speaker’s presentations (with permission of course) can become the subject of a podcast episode.
  • Interviews: Capture candid interviews with attendees to create an interesting diversity of opinions on key issues.
  • Panel discussion: Create a panel discussion at your event and record it for a podcast episode.

6. Wrap up

Creating regular, compelling content can be difficult and time-consuming, particularly if you don’t have dedicated staff for the job. However, your events can make for an excellent source of original material from a variety of sources, which you can use to keep people talking about your get-together long after it has finished.

When is your next event? Whether it’s online or offline, consider implementing some of these creative content marketing ideas and watch your engagement and interest grow!

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