Boost your sales with pre-orders for your restaurant

Improve your customers’ experience and your restaurant’s turnover! Give your customers the option of ordering and paying at their table or remotely, via their smartphone.

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Landing – CA-EN – Precommande Cashless

Generate new income — right now!

  • Save time by taking orders without input from your waiting staff.
  • Record more orders while improving the quality of your service.
  • Increase the size of your average basket with attractive menus and tailored offers.
  • Real-time monitoring and management of current orders as well as historical ones.
  • Directly identify the tables to be served via your interface.
  • Make additional sales with targeted operations.
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A ready-to-use system — within everyone’s reach.

  • Intuitive interface.

    Easy to grasp and designed for catering.

  • Quick setup.

    Create and publish your digital menus in just a few clicks.

  • Secure payments.

    Benefit from Weezevent’s cashless payment technology.

Offer a customer path that is smooth and contactless.

  • Contactless ordering via your website, app, link or QR code.
  • Customers can view your digital menu without creating an account.
  • Display your menu in multiple languages with photos and descriptions.
  • Payment online or with the waiter/waitress instead of at the till.
  • Order status tracking and automatic notifications.
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Landing – CA-EN – Precommande Cashless
  • Landing – CA-EN – Precommande Cashless

    Simplified management.

    Display the orders to be prepared, or being prepared, and view all of your historical activity. In just one click, update an order’s status and print order receipts for your kitchen or your customers.

  • Landing – CA-EN – Precommande Cashless

    An additional terminal.

    Complete your system with our mobile terminals that can either replace or complement your till solution. Self-contained, battery operated, waterproof and shockproof, these are easy for your teams to adopt and require no training.

Offer an enjoyable, engaging experience.

Offrez une expérience de consommation répondant aux attentes de votre clientèle et aux contraintes sanitaires. À la table, au bureau ou chez eux, vos clients peuvent réaliser la commande de leur choix depuis votre carte digitale, sans subir la pression d’une file d’attente ou d’un service en heure de pointe.

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  • Reassure your customers & your team.
  • Optimise your operating costs.
  • Generate new revenue.

Create new opportunities.

By creating a digital point of contact with your clientele, the customer path and your menu become a real marketing tool. Develop personalisation campaigns and dedicated offers to engage your chosen targets, whether they’re existing customers or not. Build your databases with ease and gain a better understanding of your customers’ behaviour and expectations.

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