The CRM tool designed for your concert and performance venues

Discover the marketing solution that simplifies communication campaigns and customer relations for concert and performance venues… Manage all your data in a single intuitive interface designed specially for your needs. Test WeezTarget now!

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Develop communication for your cultural events.

Gather all your data on your audiences in a CRM solution dedicated to your events, concerts and shows. Communicate the right information to your attendees and boost your revenue. The WeezTarget CRM solution was created to simplify marketing campaigns for your concert halls and theatres.


  • Fast

    Reduce the time spent on communication campaigns.

  • Reliable

    No more import/export errors. All your data is centralised.

  • Secure

    Your data is protected and you are its sole owner.

Marketing features dedicated to the management of your venue.

WeezTarget brings together all the features you need to easily communicate and interact with your spectators at any time throughout your event:

  • Connection with all Weezevent tools, including ticketing, access and cashless payment solutions.
  • Creation and scheduling of all your marketing communications.
  • Automation of your marketing actions throughout the season.
  • Performance monitoring with statistics on all your campaigns.
  • Automatic syncing of data relating to your attendees.
  • Importing of your contact databases and multi-criteria segmentation.
  • Visual presentation of revenue and return on investment generated for each marketing action.
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A marketing solution for your concert and performance venue.

With a simplified interface designed for organisers of cultural and music events of all kinds, send targeted emails and invitations to your attendees with ease. Notify your attendees of news and scheduling changes at any time.

  • Landing – CA-EN – Solution CRM pour concerts et salles de spectacles

    Schedule special offers and boost your revenue.

    Create offers dedicated to your most loyal customers and identify those who are most interested in them. Increase your turnover with differentiated customer paths. Send targeted messages to your attendees, notify them of any scheduling changes and send out updates on your events.

  • Landing – CA-EN – Solution CRM pour concerts et salles de spectacles

    Monitor and optimise the efficiency of all your communications.

    Monitor the performance of each campaign and of your overall activity with dashboards dedicated to tracking and analytics. Directly access your open and click-through rates, and identify your most effective communication initiatives. Exceed your goals and take on new challenges!

Optimise and protect your attendees’ data!

Keep your attendee databases in one place with the WeezTarget CRM solution. Access each attendee’s information on a dedicated page and edit information as you wish. Your database is automatically updated according to your ticketing data.

Manage all your communications in one place and take advantage of options for ensuring GDPR compliance. Secure your events with optimal security procedures.

Landing – CA-EN – Solution CRM pour concerts et salles de spectacles

Send personalised messages.

Personalise all your communications according to the types of fans, the concert tickets purchased and the fanzones visited. Create VIP programmes that match the standard of your music and cultural events. Segment the contacts in your database in just a few clicks and include or exclude groups when sending messages. Create tailor-made offers and address your different contacts with ease. Broadcast relevant information to your attendees using the most appropriate channels: email, social networks, SMS and mobile notifications.

Landing – CA-EN – Solution CRM pour concerts et salles de spectacles
  • Landing – CA-EN – Solution CRM pour concerts et salles de spectacles

    Create responsive and optimised emails!

    Create attractive emails and capture your attendees’ attention with our intuitive email editor. Use email templates or start from scratch to design newsletters that perfectly adapt to all screen sizes. Our tool is optimised to ensure that all recipients correctly receive the messages you send. Add dynamic fields in order to personalise your messages with your attendees’ surnames, first names and other information.

  • Landing – CA-EN – Solution CRM pour concerts et salles de spectacles

    All your solutions are synced to guarantee the show.

    WeezTarget is directly linked to all our tools: WeezTicket, WeezAccess and WeezPay. Take advantage of the synergy between your new CRM software and an all-in-one ticketing service, an effective access control solution, and the best cashless payment system.

  • View your statistics in real time
  • Boost your sales
  • Optimise your communication campaigns

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