Take the lead back – sell your tickets yourself!

With a few clicks, you can sell and customize your tickets, manage your registrations and keep control of your data.

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You don't have a website? Use Weezevent's micro-site.

Get a micro-website with a few clicks. It comes with a registration plug-in and online payment features. You can customise the micro-site (background, colours, top banner, logo and images), its content (layout, photos, videos, blocks of text, etc.) and even its URL! What’s more – it is optimised to provide good referencing on search engines.

  • Be multilingual. Sell your tickets in other languages.

    Weezevent allows you to sell your tickets in several languages, easily and with no extra effort. French, English, Spanish, Italian are available!

  • Boost your sales and increase your attendees’ loyalty.

    Create as many promo codes as you want. The possibilities are endless - offer free sessions, memberships, tickets or discounts to your most loyal customers.

  • Sell more with cross-selling.

    Sell more than tickets to your attendees with cross-selling campaigns. Offer products and services, e.g. clothes, goodies, valet parking, meals, parking space etc. at the moment of purchase.

Selling on location is a piece of cake.

Weezevent’s ticket office is a professional service allowing you to sell your tickets on location and create dedicated points of sale for your partners. All you need is a touch tablet, a solid and ergonomic base and a thermal printer and you have a complete solution to sell your tickets on site. You can also use the online ticket office with your own equipment. All of it is synchronised with your ticketing system!

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    Tickets in your colours.

    Your e-tickets can be customised for free, just add the visual elements of your choice. If you want to go a step further and completely customise your tickets, the premium customisation option can be applied to all your materials, i.e. e-tickets, passbook, thermal tickets etc.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-invitation

    Invitations made easy.

    Easily send event invitations to your partners, the media, and VIPs by email with tickets as a PDF attachment, and customise the emails to attendees. For business customers, Weezevent offers a dedicated platform to mail invitations directly and/or with RSVP. Allow them to delegate sending invitations to their partners by allocating sets.

  • weezevent-wf-illu-badges1

    Your authorised personnel is all set!

    Easily print and create your badges and authorisations for volunteers, officials, media representatives etc. You can fully customise your tickets with the image of your choice, a bar-code on the ticket will enable to control access to your events.

  • Customise your ticketing plug-in.

    The Weezevent ticketing plug-in can be tailored to your colours to better integrate with your website and its colour scheme. Everything can be customised on Weezevent - prices in categories or sub-categories, the shopping bag’s timer, what triggers a sale, etc.

  • Use your network.

    Receive additional revenues using referrals. Share your referral URL with your network. Your will be rewarded for all new registrations. Any account created using that URL will grant you 10 % of the pre-tax revenues of Weezevent generated for the first year by the referred planner(s).

  • Collect the information you want

    Create as many customised forms as you want to collect the information you care about. Pick the fee for each form to better target your attendees. Use this information to display on the tickets or use the data to carry out marketing and loyalty campaigns so you can better meet your attendees’ needs.

A prime location, with Weezevent numbered seating.

You can choose to display a 2D or 3D image of the location of your event. Combine free seating areas and seated areas. You also get to choose the allocation method best suited to your event, i.e. automatic, on map or both. You can set up the seating categories of your venue and thereby offer different prices based on seating location. Of course, all Weezevent ticketing options are available for your seated events!


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