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Manage your access

The simplest way to control access to your events.

Your attendees’ tickets display a unique QRcode and barcode that can be scanned using the WeezA­ccess app or our WeezA­ccess Pro solution. A paper list is also available for all your events.

  • A free control app.

    The free WeezA­ccess Mobile access control app is available on iOS and Android. Tickets are scanned using your smart­phone’s camera.

  • Welcome your attendees with WeezAccess Listing.

    Create, download and print your access list to welcome attendees while securing access to your event.

Get detailed attendance reports.

At any time, you can access attendance reports and a scanning history. They are immedi­ately visible on your dashboard and can be downloaded in a CSV format.

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    Validate retailers’ tickets too.

    You also sell your tickets using retail networks like Seetickets, Ticket­master, Peatix and more? Import these tickets on your Weezevent dashboard and you will be able to validate them on the day.

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    Set up flexible access lists.

    Edit access lists the way you need to. Group your attendees by event, ticket type or time slot to give them customised access rights. Many access options are available.

Create operators for better management.

Operators are identi­fiers dedicated to access control. They are asked upon opening the WeezA­ccess Pro devices. You can create as many operator profiles as you want and therefore obtain attendance statistics by access point.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How to control e‑tickets presented at the event’s entrance?

    Several solutions exist
    Each ticket bears a unique number linked to an order number. You can check these tickets using our control devices or our free smart­phone app, available on iOS and Android.

  • Is it possible to integrate lists of tickets sold outside of the Weezevent ecosystem?

    Gather all your tickets in one place
    Fill in the regis­tra­tions made offline from your planner interface on our website. If you sell tickets on other sites, you can import them easily to your Weezevent ticketing platform. Having just one list means your planning can be done online easier!

  • How to access the list of registered attendees?

    Easily and at all times
    Check the list of registered attendees at any time from your online interface. It is updated with each new regis­tration. If you wish, you can download it with one click in excel (.csv) or PDF format so you can easily process your data!