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Weezevent offers you the best tools for managing leisure activities and organising competitions, tournaments or races, including white-label ticketing and registration, customised forms, attendee management and email marketing.


“Weezevent enabled us to digitalize the park. This has made us think about other areas we need to develop. For example, the cross-selling of packed lunches will help us with our logistics. And that’s just the start.”

Audrey Fonfrède Parc Grimmland

The ticketing and registration solution for leisure activities and competitions.

An online solution for selling tickets with ease and managing registrations for your competition or leisure activity:

  • Publish an online ticketing mini-site in just a few clicks
  • Integrate a white-label module into your website to sell your tickets and collect registrations
  • Configure your registration form according to your needs, including full name, email address, date of birth, attached file, etc.
  • Set ticket prices according to audiences
  • Activate group orders or set a limit on the number of tickets per purchase
  • Customise the different visuals on tickets to reflect your identity
  • Add your ticketing & registration system into your social networks
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  • Easy to set up
  • Earnings paid every 2 weeks
  • Pay only if you sell
  • Ready in 5 minutes

Manage your recurring events, sessions and time slots.

Easily set up all your recurring events, sessions and time slots:

  • Create and assign quotas according to your activity
  • Easily schedule start and end times for each session
  • Display the number of remaining places on your booking module
  • Publish a multi-event module to sell tickets for different activities in one place

Sell your tickets on site.

Optimise your ticketing system by selling tickets on site:

  • Sell tickets on site with a Weezevent box office, either physically or virtually
  • Print tickets with Weezevent’s equipment or via your own
  • Share an online sales space with your sponsors or partners
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Boost your ticketing revenue!

  • Send invitations to your partners, VIPs, press contacts, and so on.

  • Make additional sales, including merchandise, premium services and more.

  • Generate and distribute promotion codes.

Access control for all types of activities.

Our access control solution for leisure activities and competitions allows you to easily manage access to various parts of the activity in just a few minutes:

  • Set up your access control lists according to the rights granted to different attendees
  • Choose the method of ticket validation: scan, manual entry, from a list, etc.
  • Sync your data in real time
  • Access detailed attendance reports
  • Export your data in PDF or CSV format
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Scanning technology adapted to your needs:

  • Free Android / iOS app

    Scan tickets and e-tickets with your smartphone’s camera. You can even search by barcode and view your access lists.

  • WeezAccess Listing / Online

    Manage your attendees manually by printing your ready-to-use access lists. Go faster by validating your attendees’ tickets directly from your browser via your Weezevent interface.

  • WeezAccess Pro

    Deploy the best terminal for the job, equipped with a high-performance scanner and real time syncing with your ticketing system. Manage access with confidence using reliable, easy-to-use tools with long-lasting battery life.

A mailing and CRM solution designed for you.

Segment your attendees according to their buying behaviour and profile in order to send and schedule marketing messages:

  • Automatically store your ticketing data in an events CRM
  • Send announcements to different types of attendees
  • Schedule loyalty-building or reminder campaigns
  • Maintain the link between you and your attendees and partners throughout the year
  • Grow your revenue by sending the right message at the right time
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