[TIP] How to make entry management and access control easier?

[TIP] How to make entry management and access control easier?

The present arti­cle is pri­mar­i­ly intend­ed for mass event orga­niz­ers but of course it will be more than use­ful to any event orga­niz­ers.

Get atten­dees to your event faster and smooth­ly by imple­ment­ing a wel­come and access con­trol area. There are many pos­si­ble lay­outs, what we pro­pose you here is a typ­i­cal space to be adapt­ed accord­ing to each loca­tion and event type.

1. Ticket control

If your team is large enough, it is rec­om­mend­ed to pro­ceed to a visu­al con­trol of tick­ets before autho­riz­ing guests to the access con­trol area and avoid unex­pect­ed U‑turn.

Vis­i­tors with­out tick­et will be redi­rect­ed to the Sales or Wel­come point 1 area, depend­ing on the sit­u­a­tion.

The Sales area

It can be pro­vid­ed, unless your event is sold out. Even though the event is sold out, some orga­niz­ers will decide to allo­cate a small quo­ta of avail­able tick­ets on site. On the one hand, it reduces last-minute buy­ers’ dis­sat­is­fac­tion; on the oth­er it pre­vents black-mar­ket sales in the area around the event. You will have to be equipped with elec­tri­cal and inter­net access, as well as a con­nect­ed ter­mi­nal (computer/touchpad). For fur­ther details about Weezevent mobile point of sales solu­tion, vis­it: http://www.weezevent.com/mobile-point-of-sale.php

The Wel­come point

It is where any prob­lems relat­ed to the tick­et­ing office will be tak­en care. For exam­ple, you can sug­gest your par­tic­i­pant to pick up a dupli­cate of their tick­et (tick­et bought with Weezevent) or a pass (tick­et bought on a dis­tri­b­u­tion net­work) by pre­sent­ing a proof of iden­ti­ty. All you need is two work­sta­tions (computer/touchpad) with inter­net con­nec­tion to Weezevent back-office and to a desk print­er.

As a safe­ty mea­sure, in case of inter­net dis­con­nec­tion, 4GB USB keys are avail­able for rent­ing at Weezevent.

2. Waiting lines

The basic rules for any smooth access con­trol are a com­plete and prop­er­ly local­ized sign­post­ing. Sign­post­ings installed right at the entrance of the wait­ing lines will pre­vent guests to take a wrong path. Vis­it the web­site of one of our expert part­ner in sign­post­ing set­ting-up, at:http://www.avs-communication.com/

Ex: « Pre­pare your tick­et », instruct­ing vis­i­tors to present their tick­ets with bar code ready to scan.

In the even­tu­al­i­ty you have to install wrist­bands, for exam­ple, this type of infor­ma­tion will allow you to split your wait­ing area into sev­er­al dis­tinct lines.

Ex: « 1‑day Pass », « 2‑day Pass »,

Staff at the wait­ing line entrance will direct vis­i­tors to the appro­pri­ate line-up when check­ing tick­ets.

It is also pos­si­ble to use WeezA­c­cess Pro mon­i­tor­ing ter­mi­nals to check all your tick­ets (e‑tickets and ther­mal tick­ets, from Weezevent or any dis­trib­u­tors). There are many advan­tages to use those ter­mi­nals such a faster train­ing of your team in charge of tick­et scan­ning , as well as com­plete sta­tis­tics, avail­able in real-time with Weezevent appli­ca­tion.

To learn more about the Access Con­trol WeezA­c­cess pro sys­tem, go to : http://support.weezevent.com/weezaccess-pro/

Using our free WeezA­c­cess mobile appli­ca­tion, you can down­load from Apple Store, this access con­trol sys­tem on your iPhone.

More details are avail­able about this free WeezA­c­cess mobile appli­ca­tion at: http://support.weezevent.com/weezaccess-mobile/

It is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed to divide wait­ing lines using crowd con­trol bar­ri­er sys­tem. The « Z‑shaped » bar­ri­ers arrange­ment (as shown on the above dia­gram) has many advan­tages: the main one being that your guests get the impres­sion that wait­ing time is short­er. It is then sug­gest­ed to post clear­ly vis­i­ble infor­ma­tion for par­tic­i­pants about sched­ule, pro­gram­ming and access map of your event. More impor­tant­ly, the par­tic­i­pant flow rate is more reg­u­lar com­pared with a straight bar­ri­er path and you main­tain a high lev­el of secu­ri­ty avoid­ing any crowd move­ment.

3. The Search — Security

Each event has its own secu­ri­ty imper­a­tives. In order to help even­tu­al secu­ri­ty teams on duty, car­ry out a pre­lim­i­nary search.  The team in charge of the search/security must con­sist of at least one man and one woman. This search/security area is locat­ed direct­ly after the Z‑shaped bar­ri­ers and before the tick­et con­trol area. This step acts as a fil­ter­ing to direct atten­dees to the next step. It should be use­ful to equip this zone with waste bins to store any items own by a par­tic­i­pant but that could be con­sid­ered as dan­ger­ous.

A per­son who does not com­ply with safe­ty cri­te­ria can be con­duct­ed to the entrance area through a closed line con­trolled with secu­ri­ty offi­cers.

4. Deposit area

In the event you would autho­rize recov­ery of pro­hib­it­ed items at the end of the event; the search/security area seems the right place to imple­ment a deposit area for your guests. Your orga­ni­za­tion will pro­vide relat­ed terms of use.

A search/security offi­cer can be placed in this area, act­ing as a link between the search area and the con­trol area, while invit­ing par­tic­i­pants to keep mov­ing towards the event.

5. Ticket control area

We rec­om­mend instal­la­tion of a clear­ly-word­ed sign at the tick­et con­trol area.

Ex: « Present your tick­ets »

The main waste of time dur­ing tick­et con­trol is due to take out and unfold of tick­ets. This is why we post a sign say­ing: “Have your tick­et ready to present, bar code clear­ly vis­i­ble”.

Dis­patch vol­un­teers in charge of tick­et con­trol at the entrance of short wait­ing lines divid­ed with straight bar­ri­ers. It becomes easy to locate which vol­un­teer is avail­able to con­trol my tick­et.  A tech­ni­cal issue should appear?  Atten­dees will then pro­ceed to anoth­er con­trol line.

To avoid pos­si­ble frauds dur­ing tick­et con­trol, inform your team in charge of scan­ning tick­ets, to stand with their back against one of the two bar­ri­ers. You will then be sure that nobody will enter the venues with­out hav­ing been prop­er­ly con­trolled. With this con­fig­u­ra­tion, you get two check-in points per line, one on each side.

In case of over­crowd­ing, it could be con­ve­nient to move the staff in charge of scan­ning fur­ther away with­in the crowd con­trol bar­ri­ers. How­ev­er, don’t for­get that this is your secu­ri­ty team – and not the staff in charge of scan­ning tick­ets – who is in charge to reg­u­late crowd flow.

A tick­et con­troller must be on duty right after this step. In the event that a tick­et is invalid, a mem­ber in charge of scan­ning can direct­ly ask the area con­troller to escort the attendee to the wel­come point 2. If need­ed, he can be direct­ed to the entrance area via the gat­ed path. The vis­i­tor can then fix his prob­lem at the wel­come point or decide to buy a new tick­et.

6. End of control area

To avoid any crowd gath­er­ing, we rec­om­mend dis­patch­ing many secu­ri­ty offi­cers hav­ing for duty to direct par­tic­i­pants in order that they prompt­ly quit the con­trol area.

But also :

Par­tic­i­pant flow rate is not lin­ear dur­ing the access con­trol; it depends on your event pro­gram. If you have pro­grammed a very much await­ed pre­sen­ta­tion, you will notice a peak of atten­dance at the access area half an hour to one hour before. See how such incon­ve­niences could be avoid­ed :

–       Doors open­ing, ear­ly enough (allo­cate half an hour to one hour before the begin­ning of your event)

–       Pro­gram the very much await­ed pre­sen­ta­tion at the begin­ning of your event

And above all :

Of course, those advices depend on your orga­ni­za­tion; adapt them accord­ing to your spe­cif­ic needs. It should not replace a secu­ri­ty com­mit­tee exper­tise.

Expert help is avail­able when­ev­er you need it, at: 01 85 07 75 75 !

Have a suc­cess­ful event, with a safe and fast access con­trol

See you soon on Weezevent !

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