How Facebook can help me to promote my event ?1/2

How Facebook can help me to promote my event ?1/2

Nowadays, Facebook is one of the main players in web marketing.  Each month, there are over one billion and a half active users on Facebook!

For event organizers, it means a powerful pool of potential buyers.

Before you take the lead, we propose you a series of articles explaining some Facebook marketing principles.

Why Facebook ? The ABC about online advertising

In controlling this channel, you get very good results on investment return.  So there are a number of good reasons to immerse yourself  in Facebook and learn a few principles :

  • Millions of subscribers
  • A precise targeting : wherever you are, whatever the subject of your event
  • No minimum budget : whatever the size of your event
  • Flexible in term of advertisements

You already have a Facebook page ?  Complete the basic data as well as a payment method to open your advertising account.  You are now ready to create your first advertisements !

When creating your campaign, keep in mind that more accurate is the structure and segmentation, more important will be the optimization so your media campaign will then become efficient and profitable.

1 / Your public

Targeting is the most essential element of a campaign. An effective and accurate targeting will reach the internet users who have an interest about your event (not all Facebook users).   Here are a few strategic axes you must seriously consider :

  • The gender : Male, Female, both ?
  • Age : You can reach internauts from 13 to 65 years old, and +
  • Geographic area : Do you want to touch the whole country, a city, a region
  • Points of interest: What does interest your target ? (similar events, field of activity, relevant influential person …)
  • Type of devices : Mobile and computer

Note : Facebook and mobile devices are indivisible.  You cannot perform an ad campaign without integrating this mobile dimension. Consequently when focusing on one of them you create specific ads for mobile devices, with a suitable auction system.

2 / The budget

There is no minimum budget required, to advertise on Facebook.  It can be one hundred to many thousands of dollars.  However, the daily budget cannot be lower than 5$ for each set of advertisements.  So it’s important to keep an eye on your budget during the first days of a campaign to avoid bad surprises!  First of all you must decide which total amount you want to spend on your event promotion, and distribute it equally over an exact time frame.

3/ The timing

Your event is scheduled over a time span.  It is unnecessary to advertise all year long.  So, when should I start the campaign ?  What is the good timing to reach internauts ?

Usually, I advise to launch campaigns between 3 weeks to 1 month before the event.  But it depends on your budget and the size of your event.  However, if there is an advice that you should follow is to spread out your budget over a fixed period.  Don’t spend all your money during the first two days.  Divide your budget according to the number of days and try to stick to it.  Otherwise you will forget a part of your public.  Think carefully about the structure of your campaign before starting.

4/ Two types of campaign 

First of all, you must create a buzz around your event, everybody must speak about it.  Ideally, two types of campaign should be set up: the first one to generate as many clicks as possible on your website and the second to generate some “like” on your page.

With the first step you will touch some internauts with a specific interest and direct them directly on your website.  The purpose, of course, is to generate clicks and suggest the user to buy a ticket.

During the second step you attract more fans on your Facebook page.  Once the marketing campaign is over, and as soon you’ll post news, it will touch a larger public.  More fans you get, more profitable will be to keep your Facebook page active !


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